2 Surprisingly Effective Video Game Controller Accessories That Have Nothing To Do With Your Controller – It’s Genius, I Tell You!

So if you are a regular visitor to this site, you may have already bought in to the concept that video game controller accessories do add extra value to your gaming enjoyment and performance (if you have, then GOOD FOR YOU! so proud). Your controller may already have some trigger extenders, or gameplay-specific grips for your analog stick.. or probably when the full mile and either slapped on an Avenger Reflex or hooked them all up to your “pro style” gaming controller, paddles and everything. The creators of these products applaud these efforts to make your controller the most accessible, functional and responsive device that you could ever place your hands upon.

With all these in place, you should be a platinum-ranked, 5-star general with overwhelmingly positive kill-to-death ratio by now.. But wait, you’re not?

Yeah, now THAT is a problem. What seems to be holding you back? All your inputs are precise. Your buttons and triggers travel and respond faster than you can sniff. The slightest flick of a finger equates to an immediate action. And yet your game is not improving. Maybe your game is too focused with your controller looking and performing well, that you fail to consider things outside of your controller.

It is possible! For me, top of mind, there are 2 problems that seem to be those binds that stop you from playing to your maximum potential. These may be subtle from an initial diagnosis, but when you are looking at the little details these do add up. But never fear, I would be more than happy to recommend a couple of things to solve those problems and hopefully get you over the hump.


2 Non-Controller Accessories That Improve Your Game


Problem # 1 – Are your hands failing you?

As you progress through gaming sessions, the unconscious effort that you put into holding your controller properly welcomes your sweat glands. And while the amount of sweat excreted depends on the person, these effects will likely factor into regressing your gaming performance. So what are the manifestations of moisture buildup from your palms?

For starters, your clammy hands float above the controller’s surface. The surface eventually gets coated with sweat, making it difficult to keep your grip on your product. I’m no stranger myself to this happening, as I like to grip my controller firmly. And when it happens, the quick solution in my mind is to wipe it off my pants – which is good during breaks in play, but in pressures situations, the milliseconds lost to drying your hands could have spelled the difference between in-game life and death – again, no stranger to that either.

That is not even the worst of it!

If moisture buildup is not cleaned up after a gaming session, it becomes susceptible to absorbing grime. This is a no-no! Grime is excessively uncomfortable – physically, it sticks to your hands and makes it a bit more challenging to adjust your grip; Psychologically, the thought of dirt can get distracting instead of closing in on a potential winning move in-game.

Cleanliness in your gaming peripherals is next to godlike-ness, as keeping your controller clean from sweat buildup is crucial for every time you play as well as the longevity of your product.

..if only they could stay dry...

..if only they could stay dry…

So, what can I do?

Well, you could start investing in silicone casings or adhesive grips on your controller, both of which will definitely get the job done for keeping the sweat off your controller. But there is another way to add an extra layer of protection from moisture…


Possible Solution # 1 – Time to put a little whip in your grip!

effective-video-game-controller-accessories-gamergrip1The first thing that came into my mind when I heard of anti-perspirant products for your hands is “Wow, we are big sport athletes now!”. And it is interesting coz I know and have experienced the benefits of applying a similar product to my hands when playing sports (like basketball) where having a good grasp improves ball control for shooting, dribbling and passing. So given that principle, gamers can experience the same benefits, too!

For instance, GamerGrip, a known brand for sports and competitive gaming (and is in fact associated with Major League Gaming), provides up to 4 hours of dryness on your hands. This stops sweat from coming out of your fingers and palms while you dish out the 25-player kill streak. It also improves your grip by making your hands slightly sticky and keeping them in the optimal position you place them on your controller (this temporary stickiness dries immediately and starts to work its magic at your sweat glands)

I should add that if you consider grabbing anti-perspirant performance products, make sure that they are non-toxic and FDA approved. This will ensure that you are free from skin irritation and wounding. If you are not sure and have sensitive skin, I highly recommend consulting a doctor before proceeding. BUT IF IT IS NOT AN ISSUE, do try it out!


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Problem # 2 – You can’t hit what you can’t see.. clearly.

A common scenario particularly in both first and third person action games (particularly of the shooting kind) is shooting accuracy. Most of these games allow you to shoot “from the hip” (aka your default firing stance) and zoomed in (which simulates aiming down a sight). Both firing stances have their pros and cons, but the key is to make sure your target is right in your in-game reticle. This object makes sure that you are shooting your target right where you want to – whether it’s debilitating a limb or the ever-glorious headshot, this reticle is your basis.

Here's an ideal scenario...

Here’s an ideal scenario…

Working with the reticle does have lingering issues. When firing from the hip, your vision is very limited from this view, and depending on what kind of weapon you are using, the lines will not line up in the middle (ever wonder why the crosshairs do not actually cross when firing from an AK-47? That’s why). And while you might get a better shot when you zoom in, you do lose a ton of mobility as well as face certain limitations depending on which scope you use.

Here lies the second issue – is there a way to set up a reticle that provides the same high-level accuracy regardless of aiming type?

This sounds pretty farfetched, but there is a logical way to do this!


Possible Solution # 2 – Stick it on there and fire at will!

Back when I got really hooked on FPS games, a couple of colleagues were very fixated on precision aiming that we would literally place a dot in the middle of our monitors. Oddly enough, that did the trick and we were landing headshots left and right… when we could see the physical dot, that is (the dot does look a tad annoying on the screen when you are not playing, by the way). It does prove the logic behind the approach!

So what if you could have an aiming dot similar to what I had mentioned but was easy to cleanly install/remove, could be seen regardless of what is in front of you in-game, and most of all provide you with an accurate reticle regardless if you are firing from the hip or zoomed? Well, here’s the product for you.


effective-video-game-controller-accessories-hipshotThis product allows you to stick a reticle to the middle of your screen, while a USB cable (that goes straight into your console) which powers up a red dot. Not only does this provide you with one of the best types of aiming assists (as the lighted red dot can be seen regardless of how bright or dark your screen is), but it works effectively whether you are firing zoomed or from the hip! Its transparent suction makes it easy to install and remove cleanly while being non-obtrusive, giving you more time to aim well and fire at will!

Typically the red dot sight is limited to close or medium-range weapons for most games, which is a shame as this happens to be pretty effective in an lighting condition inside and outside of a game. But now that it is provided to you externally via this product, you can not combine the red dot sight with other sights for your advantage (imagine sniping from a telescopic sight along with the red dot? A clear and visible target, for sure!). Not only that, if the weapon you are using as a high recoil, then relying on the HipShotDot to set your sights allows you to stay on target and keep firing.

It should be noted that this product is best used where there is the screen has some sort of clear protector or glass to prevent further damage to the display.

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Final Thoughts: So what have we learned?

I cannot say that I am not impressed by how products like these have a great effect with in-game accuracy and poise… because I find it extremely interesting as to how products that are seemingly as simple as these can actually improve the way we play FPS games. These products are not exactly rocket science, but they sure help get the job done.

effective-video-game-controller-accessories-gamergrip2With gamer grip, I can feel assured that my hands will always stay dry even in pressure situations or long-grinding gaming sessions, ensuring that they will not get dirty nor stay moist or sticky. And if you tend to have sweaty palms, this product is right for you.

And if you are looking to be more accurate regardless of optimal aiming sensitivities and shooting style, I personally would enjoy having an aim assist like the HipShotDot showing me the way. It would not matter if I was zoomed in or out, or playing in the light or darkness.. I would have an aim that is, dare I say, true. effective-video-game-controller-accessories-hipshot2

In closing, it is the most subtle things like a comfortable grip and a constant guide that can spell the difference between an unfavorable K/D ratio and a multitude of headshots that enompass your magnificent 100-kill streak. If you need a little helping hand outside of you already-awesome gaming controller, these products are definitely worth looking into. Until then, don’t waste your shot!


Got any interesting products you use that helps your FPS game? Do you want me to feature it sometime in the future? Let me know in the comments section!


2 Non-Controller Accessories That Improve Your Game

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