4 new PS4 controller colors are coming to more markets very soon!

Sony recently broke news to the public that new color variants of PS4 controllers will be coming to Western shores soon. This is truly exciting news, as these 4 new PS4 controllers colors will join the current line which includes solid colors on matte finish.

This is a move that is incredibly beneficial to the PS4 as it will further boost both its console and game sales around the world. As of this writing, the PS4 has sold over 25 million units worldwide and is projected to sell 20 million more as the fiscal year ends, and providing a larger color variety will help drive those sales.

Check out the video below from when these colors were first announced (credits of the video go to IGN):


So what’s to like about these new controllers?

It was around this time last month when I had decided to get a second controller for my PS4 so that I could get my children to play video games with me. I did not have a problem with the price, and delivery date was quite reasonable (I would only  wait two days from when I booked my order.

What did give me some trouble, though, is the choice of color. There were only 5 colors to choose from, and I was not up for getting another one that is colored Jet Black. I opted for Magma Red, with which I was really digging the matte finish on my favorite color, not to mention that the slight heft in the controller felt nice.

These 4 new colors joined the likes of this Magma Red variant.

These 4 new colors joined the likes of this Magma Red variant.

Looking back, however, I do wish that these new colors had been available sooner.

At the same time, however, I think Sony set this up nicely to build up hype heading into E3 next week, and the company historically does well for the rest of the year when they go in with a large array of products offered. And with word about Sony unveiling a new console at the annual event, the thought of these new colored controllers getting paired up with a new console is pretty exciting.


Timelines, and accessories.

If you are looking to get your hands on these new color variants, you will be happy to know that they will start to hit the European market on July 11th, 2016. The availability of each color will depend on each region, of course, but they are likely available to the Japanese and Asian markets already.

Ideally, we would want this to be available worldwide already, but I think this will not hinder North American and European consumers from getting their hands on these colors by having them shipped from the East. Compatibility is not going to be an issue regardless of regioning concerns.

Since the overall design on the new controllers stay the same, you can literally use any accessory that is compatible with the PS4 controller. If you are a gamer who would like to leverage things like trigger extenders, analog stick covers or thumbstick extenders, you will have the liberty to do so with these new color variants.


Let’s have a look at these new colors, shall we?

Now that we have gone through the press release stuff, it is now time to have a look at these 4 eye-catching colors, each of which are suited to the preferred aesthetic of every gamer.


new-PS4-controller-colors-silver-profileThis variant sports a silver front plate on a matted white base. You can definitely see the shiny finish on this one. I sure hope that it deals well with moisture and sweat, though – would be a shame to see wads of dirt or chipping on the product, that’s for sure.

Perfect for those who like the shimmer but with a bit of subtle in it.

Current retail price: USD $70.00

Black Steel

new-PS4-controller-colors-steelblack-profileThe Jet Black’s flashier brother makes an appearance. Combining the metallic finish in front and the matted black base at the back, the Black Steel variant has a manlier feel to it compared to the other metallic-colored ones. Definitely hoping sweat smears do not mess with the shiny finish.

Best suited for those who fit the “strong, silent type” billing.

Current retail price: USD $85.00



new-PS4-controller-colors-gold-profileIf your gamer personality exudes opulence, then you are in for a treat. The shiny gold front plate is bolstered by the sturdy feel of the matte black base. And as long as you keep it clean from dust and moisture, this variant will continue to bring the bling.

Get this color if you are either flat-out ballin’ or just love things that bling.

Current retail price: USD $78.00



new-PS4-controller-colors-crystal-profileWe wrap up this list with something that looks and feels less flimsy than a full transparent shell. The Crystal variant rests on a matted white back, and instead off going completely see-through in front, it opts for a frosted finish. This gives it a fair balance between subdued (with the frost) and bare (the translucency still shows off the insides).

This product appeals to gamers who are more into (actual) substance in their controller.

Current retail price: USD $ 63.00


Which of these new controllers are you raring to get when it drops? Do you want me to put the spotlight on the other PS4 controller variants? Let me know in the comments!


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  • Blame says:

    That’s so cool. Love the variety of colors! I think there are plenty of choices when it comes to the colors. I am just confused why certain color controllers are priced differently even though they’re all supposed to perform just as well.

    However, the price difference doesn’t seem too crazy considering how these are high quality controllers. I once bought one of those cheap controller imitations on Amazon and that thing broke in five minutes. I would rather get one of these controllers you show here.

    • Raphy says:

      Yeah, it’s really cool that Sony gives us so much variety when it comes to colors. These 4 colors are a great addition to the current line, which includes the base colors and the limited edition ones. Regarding the different prices, I used to wonder about that for a time – like you said, why would something that functions the same across the board be priced differently because of color?

      I guess it’s primarily because some of these colors appeal to people a lot more than the others – I mean, what’s not to like with having a Gold controller, right? It gives off and extravagant vibe for sure. The Crystal one is also attractive to some people as well because of the semi-clear finish.

      One thing’s for sure, the fact that these are quality controllers manufactured by Sony themselves, the quality and durability are guaranteed. Hope you’ll want to get one of these for yourself, too!

  • naef5 says:

    i think this really cool when you sort all controller.

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