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Me and My Fighting EdgeHi everyone, my name is Raphy, and I’ve been a gamer for all my life.

My passion for gaming started when my dad got me a Game N’ Watch (which was essentially my first console and controller), to which I spent hours pushing for the highest score possible.. Over the years I’ve tried playing on different gaming consoles, each with their own unique gaming controllers (Although I do wish I got a hand on a Power Glove, lol). I can still remember how each stick or pad felt in my hands and how each had shaped my gaming experiences as I grew older.

I love checking out the latest gaming controllers out there – whether the controller has unique art/design or has interesting modifications, I am completely fascinated with these “innovations”. Some may say that the gamer’s controller is an extension of their personality, and I think it’s true and should apply to every gamer. Now for some, you can never go wrong with the stock peripherals that come with your console, and that’s totally fine! But for of course there’s definitely a lot of thought that goes into “Should I get the white or the red pad? Which one suits me the most?”

As a matter of fact, I remember when playing fighting games more seriously than casual happened to me – I was comfortable with using stock gaming controllers that came with my Xbox 360, but wondered why I couldn’t pull of some inputs that well. That all changed when I got my first fighting game joystick (wasn’t the big branded one, though). Not only did the inputs work better (with optimized button pressing and joystick motions), but it also brought some nostalgia of playing in video arcades. Oh, and the stick’s art was pretty rad, too!


So what’s the purpose of this site then?

When it comes to gaming, the choice of controller boils down to 3 factors – comfort, function and design. It’s important that the controller you hold doesn’t strain your fingers or your grip. It’s contours must coincide with the arches and finger positions. It also goes without saying that the darn thing should work when you’re playing! And of course, it’s design factor should always make you want to admire it and share pictures of it to others.

This site is meant to talk about how these 3 factors are manifested into the cool products that were developed out there. I’d be talking about products, controller customization and even controller modifications. In doing so, I wish to convey to the readers how, in the grand scheme of things, their overall gaming experiences will be remembered by the form, function and fun that was in their hands.

This site welcomes feedback in the hopes of making reviews and content more meaningful. The internet is a wonderful place where people are entitled to their opinion, so if there was anything on this site that you think you’d be able to share or contribute ideas, I would absolutely welcome it!

Happy Gaming!

The guy running Gaming Controllers for You
email. raphy@gamingcontrollersforyou.com

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