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Hori Fighting Edge Controller Review

For this area of the site, I will be reviewing controllers that I can get my hands on or have gotten my hands on. This is definitely going to be a challenge, because there are just so many out there! So given that, you may be wondering, “How is he going to review them, and where is he going to base those reviews?”


Well, to answer that question, I say the following:


What are the others saying?

With the increasing number of controllers that area created in both the original manufacturer’s realm or the Razers and MadCatzes of the world (not to mention the distribution channels and limitations by area or continent), getting to all of these would be like walking through quicksand without a lifeline at the end – it’s doable, but there needs to be something to help you get through it.

Fortunately we live in a world where unboxing and product reviews are commonplace, and so I will often look to product reviews of others not to emulate them, but to understand their thoughts with a grain of salt, and eventually create my own thoughts that are without bias. Equal opportunity, I say!


And you can never go wrong with the Hands-On Approach.

The most obvious one is to actually get my hands on these controllers and try them out myself. In doing this, any comments or feedback that I have for each review will come straight from yours truly. I’ll talk about the feel of the product, how it differs from stock units, and the overall experience o using the product.


By these powers combined…

I will write reviews that are personal, considerate of other reviews, and more importantly, keen on the overall experience that can be had with each product. But I’m pretty sure I won’t be going into this alone..

That’s where you guys come in.

I’m sure I’m not gonna get it right the first time. I’m definitely sure that you will find something better than my most favorite peripheral at the moment. And that’s totally fine! In fact, if you do find something, let me know! I’d be happy to review those products as well.


  • Hi Rahy!

    I like the graphics on your site, although I think I’m missing some information – I’m not an expert on “Gaming” or video games and I do not know what a controller is. As a visitor, I would like to see more on an introduction and history of controllers and how they fit into Gaming. Perhaps a list of games and systems brands would also paint the whole picture than than just part of it. More heading details and some kind of welcome/introduction page might help a lot.

    I ‘d like to suggest that you set yourself a quota and give website feedback comments daily, maybe 2 or 3 like I’ve been doing. I got about 100 comments on my website just by doing that over a few months when I have time.

    If you get your site exposed by this method, you will eventually get your site to rise in the Google rankings. You have some very significant information which I believe a lot of people would value. The criteria of “Site health” will substantially help your website gain value if you get more people leaving comments at your site.

    Good start and good luck on your site-Lots of potential-hope you’ll find time to visit my site and leave me some feedback.



    P.S. You are obviously very enthusiastic on controllers and an expert as well.

    • Raphy says:

      Duly noted, Tim! I really like the feedback you gave.

      I never thought about having to talk about controller history, but that’s definitely a nice topic to have! There are a lot of retro gamers out there, and there are definitely some old-school controllers that are still on the market. Maybe what I’ll do is occasionally write about a controller from an earlier system and what made it great.

      The part about how controllers fit into gaming is definitely what I want to discuss, as the framework that I have about controllers are, what I think, will set me up for great content in the future.

      Thanks again!

      • Olmaz says:

        Personally, I would say take the leap and go for the convex sticks. Granted, this could be seen as somewhat bias as I feel the convex sticks are truly superior. However, at the end of the day it is a preference. I can’t promise you’ll love them any more or less. However, it can be scientifically proven that the convex sticks give you a more precise range of motion. Best of luck in your decision, either way you’re getting a fantastic controller!

        • Raphy says:

          Indeed it does come to preference as both concave and convex have their pros and cons. Convex sticks are known to have better range of motion because the movements naturally revert to center based on the surface. The downside is that the surface is often slippery, so to get fuller control the stick should have some sort of grip molded in.

          For the concave ones, gamers who have good-sizes thumbs can take advantage of the molds and the inward rounding of the stick surface to get the desired motion. Also, a nice rounded edge on the concave stick allows the thumb to rest nicely on it without discomfort, not to mention makes it easier to feel the stick response when tilting.

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