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Now some of you may be thinking, “What’s the difference between ‘custom’ and ‘modified’? Aren’t they the same?” And if it boils down to it, yeah, you could argue that since they both deal with a version of something that deviates from the original, or stock.

But when you look at the depth of how much different a product could be compared to the factory-default or standard, then you could generally place them in two categories.

Logitech Xbox Controller

When we say Custom, this points to the outside.

So when at any point in this site that I choose to say custom, then I would be referring to the physical or aesthetics of the product. This means that things like unique decals, housing material and even down to feel of button embedding will be discussed.

Or, in some cases, how the product would fare in terms of durability!

So in essence, when look at custom controllers, we are looking at “what makes this thing look so darn good!”

How about you? Did you find any eye-pleasing gear out there? Let me know!



  • Dorian says:

    I prefer Custom Controllers because they just look a lot better and feel a lot better.
    What would be a controller you recommend? That is not very expensive, but looks cool?

    • Raphy says:

      Hi Dorian,

      Indeed, custom controllers are all about look and feel! There’s a lot to be said about a great design, especially when it functions as expected. 🙂

      As for controller recommendations, it all depends on the platform. For the Xbox 360, for instance, I can give you 2 recommendations:

      – The MadCatz Pro controller is a good option. This product has interchangeable faceplates to replace the gloss finish on the controller. You can even interchange the position of the directional pad and analog sticks to suit your needs.

      – If you’re willing to put in more, the Razer Sabertooth is definitely worth a gander. Not only does it have top-notch ergonomics, but it also has 6 additional multifunctional buttons (2 on the shoulders and 4 detachable at the back) to suit your playstyle. It also has an OLED display where you can configure the additional buttons, adjust analog stick sensitivity and set profiles for button configurations.

      Both have great quality, and as a 360 player myself, I can honestly say that the design of the d-pad for both controllers are far better than that of the stock version that comes with the 360 as it has more bend and less fidget. Hope that helps!

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