If You Love Your Game Controller, Get a USB Game Controller Adapter To Use It For Multiple Consoles!

What if I told you that your favorite gaming controller for the past 7 years or more will be able to get more mileage all because of a USB game controller adapter – would that bring joy to your face? This may not mean much to people who aren’t too particular with controller ergonomics and would be able to adjust to any kind, but for gamers who have grinded through 1000+ hours of both story mode and multiplayer gameplay, they have grown accustomed to the feel and performance they get from a specific controller.

I personally am not too picky when it comes to any stock controller that comes out of the console’s box – I’ve got my sights set on a PS4 before the end of this year. What I’m more concerned about is that I still have a perfectly working Xbox 360 arcade stick that I want to be able to use for newer consoles without having to change the PCB. I do know there are a many guides out there that would teach anyone how to replace a controller’s PCB to make them usable on other platforms recent and new, but I would like to go the path of least resistance in an effort to keep my arcade stick intact.

So why use USB controller adapters then?

cronus max plus with a micro USB to USB connector beside it.A lot of what makes these products a first priority in terms of cross-platform controller gaming is that there is no need to disassemble your controller – you merely need to ensure that the product you’re using recognizes the “source” controller (the female side of the adapter) and the “target” controller port (the male side of the adapter that connects to the console). These adapters will often require that you authenticate the conversion by connecting the target console’s controller first, then once it’s confirmed, you can connect your favorite controller afterwards.

As these products are in USB stick form, they are portable as well! No need to bring multiple wires or complicated contraptions – as long as they are programmed to match the target console you are using, that should be fine. Don’t let its appearance fool you as well – another neat feature of being in USB stick form is that the frame of the adapter allows a degree of sturdiness against shock and impact.. of course you won’t want to be dropping this from 3 stories and higher and run the risk of breaking this device (yeah, who in their right mind might do that?)

What you need to keep in mind when using USB controller adapters

One of the things worth mentioning when it comes to this kind of game brook super converter connected to a USB portcontroller converters is that due to not being a straight connection to the console (as well as the information sent from your controller is “translated” within the device before going into the console), there is said to be some input lag that happens. Casual gamers will probably not notice the amount of delay as these are measured in milliseconds, the intermediate and hardcore will find this gap noticeable and feel the result in their gameplay – which translates to sloppy execution and delayed reaction in-game.. not something ideal, to be honest.

Keeping this in mind, the accompanying drivers that come with these devices have ensured that they are on top of any console-specific driver updates to ensure that the conversion you need is current and will keep the your game controller inputs up to optimal performance. With that in mind, always make sure that you have the latest drivers installed in your device.

Here’s a product you might want to look into…

A popular product when it comes to USB-based game converter adapters is the CronusMax. It’s newest iteration, the CronusMax Plus, now allows for cross-platform play on the PC as well as both recent (Xbox360/PS3) and current (Xbox One/PS4) generation consoles. The manufacturer has also done an amazing job of recognizing the need for wireless connectivity by including a Bluetooth dongle that can be connected to the CronusMax Plus.

In terms of its software, the CronusMax Plus has updated constantly and now carries the latest drivers for each console – all you need to do is plug the device into your computer and assign the console settings you wish to use, and you’re ready to go! The software also includes some mods that you can apply which provide you some quick shortcuts that prove useful in some games (like for shooting games, an automatic clip reload happens when you release the trigger). Pretty nifty, I might add.

Having tcronus max plushe ability to be used on multiple platforms may be a great feature on this product, but the CronusMax Plus needs to be configured ahead of time in order to be effective when used on different consoles – it will only remember one console type assigned at any instance, so best to plan in advance. I’ve seen how the original CronusMax performs and am aware of the delay that it produces, but I’m hopeful the Plus has resolved this issue. All in all, I highly recommend this product.

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This one came out of nowhere.. but it works really good!

Recently, a company called Brook released their line of Super Converters. Taking pride in having been notable and high-accumen developers with over 20 years of experience in creating PCB’s, they pride themselves in their Super Converters, which they claim work silently in the background and offer the same amount of performance on a cross console that you would normally see from your controller’s base platform. Long story short, you would have extremely minimal input delay!

It’s amazing how they were able to work with different console securities in a manner that is non-intrusive and seamless. If you watch the video below (courtesy of the people from Brook themselves), you will see how the conversion process is far more simplified and yields instantaneous results when you play.

The only drawback I’ve seen with the Brook Super Converters is, unfortunately, in the number of converters they’ve made – they do not have a single turnkey solution for all consoles like CronusMax, so it’s possible that you will need to bring several converters to fulfill your need. Furthermore, their ability to quickly upgrade their converter’s firmware remains to be seen. Other than that, amazing performance for a very reasonable price!

From these two products, I have been extremely impressed with the Brook Super Converters. Their protocols are simple and straightforward, the input response is one of the best I’ve seen in a while.

Click here to see what got me hooked on my own Brook Super Converter.

In conclusion, not all of us gamers have a large enough budget to constantly be purchasing new controllers and accessories to go with newer consoles. But whenever a cost-efficient and functionally-effective solution like a game controller adapter comes along, it’s always worth every penny if it means extending your controllers’ lifespan.

Liking what you see here? Have any USB controller adapters with really good console conversions and are worth reviewing? Let me know in the comments section!

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    • Raphy says:

      Levi, that is most welcome and you may email me at raphy@gamingcontrollersforyou.com – I’ll have a look at it for sure. I’m glad that you like the way my site is laid out and how I integrate images/media – The fact that you took time to comment on a new post that I made about using a USB game controller adapter further affirms that my article structure is aesthetically pleasing.

      In an ideal world, it would be nice to have just one controller for all consoles – the 360 and PS3 controllers were a big step in terms of doing that by being usable on PC’s through specific drivers, but now that we’re talking about newer consoles, bringing your comfort zone to them would make a world of help in getting accustomed to a new system. Wired controllers have historically had a better chance at a low-lag, high-responsive input with multiple converters in the market, but the portability and bluetooth provisioning that comes from the usb converters offers a lot more flexibility for controllers as it provides both wired and wireless support.

  • Edu says:

    This is a great topic on gaming controllers – a lot to choose from and congratulations on the intense homework you’ve done to provide a great range of options to choose from!

    Thank you for a very informative post on the various different types of game controllers. I was not aware that you could use a USB to enhance your gaming experience.

    Your insight will prove helpful for many!

  • Paul says:

    Interesting article on USB game controller adapters. Honestly, I’ve never really thought about doing something like this — I’ve always just adjusted to whatever the standard control system is, whether on the Xbox, PS4 or Wii. I’d say I prefer it that way, but I have played games in the past with frustrating controls that might have benefited from a controller switch. I’ll have to think about this one a little bit.

    • Raphy says:

      This may not be a big deal for some, but there are players who have found a great deal of comfort with a specific kind of controller – heck, there’s even that long-standing debate on which analog stick is better!

      Where I find is a compelling reason to have adapters is the ability to use specialized controllers across platforms, such as steering wheels/pedals, dance pads, flightsticks and fightsticks. Consumers have bought these products to better the gaming experience, so when their favorite game franchise goes to a new platform, they’d want to use their special peripherals there as well. Not to mention that until the time comes that manufacturers can make new-console controllers for cheaper, doing this may save you a couple of bucks along the way.

  • Daniel says:

    It’s a shame that there is some input lag because this looks really really cool. The Brook Super Converter actually looks really interesting so i’m going to take a look into that. I really enjoy your articles because everything you write about is right up my street and I can easily imagine that I’m not the only individual who thinks so! Lovely website, continuous content and great layout.

    • Raphy says:

      Yeah, I was initially very interested in what CronusMax was doing in the past, but definitely got turned off with the amount of input lag that it has shown in games – I think some tournament organizers discourage using it because of that (not to mention the ability to use add-ons which could tip the scales in the user’s favor significantly).

      Brook Super Converters, on the other hand, I am extremely impressed with – while there is lag, it’s significantly smaller and tolerable. The firmware support is excellent as well, as they’ve been quick to push out to coincide with console updates. Definitely recommend checking out the Brook Super Converter.

      Thanks for the feedback!

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