Improve your in-game shot with these PS4 Trigger Extenders

To continue from my original article on controller accessories that improve performance, I’d like to talk about another kind of product that is not as prominent physically, but proves to be similarly beneficial.

It’s initially hard to understand the purpose of having PS4 trigger extenders, when the stock triggers (L2/R2 butons) provided in the controller are actually pretty good at onset. I personally am extremely comfortable with the stock triggers myself as I’m content with the amount of responsiveness I get from them. In terms of optimal finger placement, though, that’s a different story altogether.

I find a bit of challenge resting my middle fingers somewhere on my grip, which often results with me using my index fingers primarily to engage the controller triggers – not exactly ideal, as there are games that require usage of shoulder and trigger buttons. When this happens, readjusting my grip to accommodate both shoulders and triggers can be the difference maker from a successful game action or restarting from my last checkpoint.

Extra slack on your trigger buttons do give you something extra!

Extra slack on your trigger buttons do give you something extra!

Keeping things right at your fingertips

I harp about this a lot on my site, and with accessories like these it very much rings true – because no two pairs of hands were created the same, the kind of grip and finger placement we have on our controllers will vary significantly. And while some people are fortunate to have fingers accessible to each input on the device, it’s not the case for most others (As you can tell from above, I’m not one of those people).

Triggers in particular are the ones that are crucial – our thumbs may be able to span the face of the controller but our index and middle fingers are the ones that give the trigger buttons special attention. The ideal scenario is to have the index fingers on shoulder buttons while the middle fingers, by virtue of larger range of motion, pull down on the triggers.

If your grip on your controller leaves you having to add your middle fingers to the grip pegs of the controller for stability, then your’re left with two not-so-favorable options: train your muscles to keep your middle fingers on the triggers and risk grip stability, or keep your grip stable then switch placement of your index fingers.

Can you have the best of both worlds? I believe the answer is yes.

Trigger extenders are positioned in a way that confirms to the larger range of motion needed by your middle fingers – instead of leaving them open and unrested (which adds strain to your fingers), they are seated firmly and nicely on the extenders. This finger positioning brought about by trigger extenders is advantageous because your fingers will now be more relaxed, and the lesser amount of travel time needed in pulling the trigger translates to a potential key to gaming victory.

Definitely better than buying a ton of replacement trigger parts!

Definitely better than buying a ton of replacement trigger parts!

A familiar shape, a better feel, a better result

A notable design in Xbox controllers were that the trigger buttons had a certain length and curvature to being pulled. That along with the nice squeezing sound, for me, felt more suitable for the gaming experience as compared to thick, almost square-ish buttons.

“You’re still pressing it though, aren’t you?”

Sure you are, but if you look at the way these trigger buttons are designed, they are meant to be pressed at an angle, which causes a bit of sliding of the fingers on the input. The PS4’s DualShock triggers are a bit better than predecessors with the curvature of the triggers being at the end stopping your fingers from completely sliding off, but it might be more suitable to have a deeper curvature (whether outward or inward) to give the feeling of digging deeper into pressing and holding to the input.

Trigger extenders have varying curvatures indeed, but this allows the gamer to have a better feel of initiating the input. If the extender is curved outward, they have a “hook” that keeps their fingers in place when holding the triggers down. With extenders curved inward, the fingers’ range of motion is taken advantage of and ensures that you have made the input all the way to a stable grip. The result is a better feel for the input that is almost like an extension of the way it was designed.

It'd be nice to have a controller trigger that feels like this.

It’d be nice to have a controller trigger that feels like this.

Improved button response = Better killshot!

Of course all the comfort and convenience that a product like this would provide would only be secondary to the how this improves performance. A key gauge for this is button responsiveness, and would having an extender change the amount of travel time needed to get from pressed to depressed states?

I say it does!

The key to the trigger extender’s design is that the part where it hinges on the trigger becomes a fulcrum with more leverage on the longer end and less resistance on the other (think a seesaw where one side of the plank is farther from the pivot and where the heavier person sits – it’ll surely tip the other side up faster). This results in speeding up the travel time to be pressed.

Travel time goes two ways, though – the speed of when a button is pressed equates to when the input translates on screen, while the speed of when a button returns to being unpressed is the window you need to put in the next input. And if the hinging of the trigger extender is setup well, then you can be sure that your shots will get fired quicker and recoiled faster for the next shot.

The Proof is in the Product Offerings

Here are some pretty cool products out there that embody the best features in trigger extenders:

GAMETECH Trigger Assist 4

ps4-trigger-extender-gametechHere’s a great example of an effective trigger extender – the Trigger Assist 4 comes with screws that help tighten the hinges around the base triggers, making sure they don’t fall off while you’re playing. Even the design itself has great ergonometric considerations not only because of the length and helpful curvature, but the width of the product provides enough surface area for even the thickest of fingers.


There is enough fulcrum in this product to provide an immediate response when held/released, and at $17.99 is not too hard on the pocket, either. If you’re not a brand-conscious gamer and value performance, this is a great product to have.

–>> Learn more about the GAMETECH Trigger Assist 4! <<-


Trigger Master P4

ps4-trigger-extender-trigger-masterThe Trigger Master has 2 distinct aspects in its design. The most noticeable one is that the product wraps around your controller tightly, ensuring that extending the triggers does not compromise the overall stability of the controller because it is essentially one whole piece.


This product also has a physical endpoint to the triggers – I feel this design is meant to provide enough range of motion without over-extending your fingers. While this may not be the best way to go, you are assured that the short recoil of the trigger extender will have you ready for your next move. And it’s not a stretch to pay either at $20.50.

->> Find out more about the Trigger Master P4! <<-


SCUF Fangs PS4 Trigger Extenders

ps4-trigger-extender-scuf-fangsSCUF Gaming is a prominent name when it comes to creating products that improves the gaming experience in both form and function. The SCUF Fangs have the most intrinsic trigger extender design out there, but at the same time provide the quickest and most efficient function when it comes to installation – the fact that these clip on in-between the shoulder and trigger means that you’ll jump into your game in no time!


And while the big concern about this product is that the extender itself is thinner as it makes its way down the tip, so constant force down the middle can cause it to snap. If you’re cautious that you could snap the triggers, you can always look at SCUF’s other product offerings.

->> See more of SCUF Fangs! <<-


Final Thoughts

You can definitely get a lot of mileage with trigger extenders, and while all these benefits mentioned can easily be summed up to being more of a user preference, these benefits can ultimately spell the difference for something good or bad to happen in-game. Added to that, some gamers who may not have the best finger dexterity will find that this trigger extenders will make it far easier to initiate the input they need off the trigger button. It’s definitely worth checking out!

Have some interesting thoughts about the product? Do let me know in the comments below.

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  • Jason Tschanz says:

    My name’s Jason, I’ve been looking for nunchuck like controllers for playing my pinball. I have a PS4 and my hand cramps terribly during tournaments. I would love to have 2 separate small controllers with a trigger and a thumbstick on each. I’ve modified my own Triggers on my DualShock 4 be more responsive. I’ve looked and there’s nothing to my knowledge out there like that if you have any ideas comments I would greatly appreciate it!

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