Looking for PS4 Controller Housing Shells? Here are 4 Eye-Catching Variants!

The DualShock controller has become the most lauded controller over the past decade (forget about the “banana” design from the PS3 version!).. and to think my reaction to holding a PlayStation controller for the first time in 1996 was less pleasing (More buttons? A pair of rounded pegs at the bottom? I found it weird!). Currently, with the DualShock4, it not only retains the features we’ve come to love (analog sticks, yay!), but also integrates dedicated buttons for in-game options and sharing gaming moments on social media, plus a clickable touchpad supporting swipe/pinch gestures that interact in-game. Oh, and the light bar with illuminating LEDs is an awesome touch, too! So with such an awesome controller the way it is, you’d wonder “How else could this look better?”. Well, here’s an idea – custom PS4 controller housing shells!

Let’s think of the benefits – yes, the matte black and non-slip feel of the stock pad is a work of art on its own, and being a slight purist myself, it wouldn’t make sense to break something that already works. Then again, if everyone has the same-looking controller (especially if a bunch of us were in the same room), wouldn’t we run the risk of ending up with someone else’s controller? Electing to use custom housing gives the benefit of unique designs and options (using the custom buttons/nubs or staying stock), not to mention some housings offer just as good grip, too. And aside from a plethora of different and unique controller shells out there, the PS4’s controller’s assembly is not rocket science – in fact, check out this demo video below (content from LFCooledWhip’s Youtube Channel):

So armed with the steps/details (and the collective sighs from the occasional fumbles when following the video), here are some great housing shells that you could fit into your controller:

If you’re into bling and shiny stuff..

With the TQS Golden Chrome Finished Replacement Playstation 4 Controller Shell Case, the plated or chrome finish is definitely out there in terms of eye-catching. The glossy finish gives it a nice shine and really takes advantage of the sleekness of the PS4 controller.

For this effect, a popular choice would be to go for a golden chrome finish – make sure to include the buttons to amp up the amount of bling!


Price: $21.99

Variants: Gold, Silver

Recommended for:

Where to buy: Amazon.com


The organic feel…

Do you refer a more organic and subdued look? A great amount of detail can be emulated through hydro dipping which gives a subtle yet equally pleasing effect.

A great example is the Mod Freakz Hydro Dipped Wooden Grain Designer Housing Shell – the amount of detail that was placed into the immersion printing process has resulted in an amazing housing design that almost looks like real mahogany! There’s a light gloss effect that gives it an additional polish, too.


Price: $24.99

Variants: Silver Carbon Fiber, Wooden Grain, various colored Skulls

Recommended for:

Where to buy: Amazon.com

If you like clarity…

Maybe you’re more a fan of what’s inside the controller, instead of what’s outside? If you are, then it definitely pays to be transparent!

For the transparent look, the Transparent Clear Controller Full Housing Shell is a definite choice. This housing’s clear finish shows off the controller’s battery pack and pcb, and gives the LED light bar more than enough room to illuminate the housing with colors.


Price: $12.00

Variant: none (just clear transparent, no tints)

Recommended for:

Where to buy: Amazon.com

If you can’t decide between 2 colors…

Can’t figure out which one of the 2 colors you’re looking at best suits you? Then maybe a better option is to go two-tone! Fortunately there are options for that.

You could try something like a Black+Green Replacement Housing Shell Case. This housing boasts of a black front face and a green rear – the color tone and slight gloss gives off an almost “candy colored” effect. Simple and effective but with just the right amount of style.


Price: $10.67

Variants: Green on Black, Black on Green, White on Red, Red on Black, White on Black

Recommended for:

Where to buy: Amazon.com

Oh, before you swap out your housing!

Now as much as the thought of customizing your controller sounds exciting, it should be noted that while most housings are meant to fit just like the stock controller housing, they cannot replace the finish of the original one (they come extremely close, though!). As such, it’s possible that some buttons won’t line up or press properly after the replacement has been done. Personally, I’ve had my share of “close but not quites” with any kind of housing replacement, but the good news is that it isn’t the end of the world – with a bit of ingenuity (read: filing edges and tweaking on the housing shell here and there), you’re sure to be inches away from having a fancy-looking PS4 controller of your own.

Pay close attention to the steps on dis-assembly and reassembly! We wouldn’t want to finish up only to find out that we missed a button (or the battery, God forbid!). It’d be good to review the video above a couple of times before you dive in. Other than that, enjoy the controller housing switch!

Do you know or have any PS4 Controller Housing Shells that you wanted to share? Feel free to do so in the comments below! 🙂

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