Need a low-cost, highly protective PlayStation or Xbox controller cover? Go silicone!

Disclaimer: Coming off the trails of the customization post that shared, I had meant to write about the silicone covers and the benefits that it provides as an Xbox controller cover, but I realized that these this kind of protective cover can also benefit the controllers for the new generation consoles, the PS4 and Xbox One. So with that in mind, I will share these silicone cover variants so that it suits different console controllers.

EDIT: Not into full coverage but still want a good grip that protects from moisture? Have a look what SquidGrip has to offer!

No farewell yet, 360! We got you covered!

Time may be ticking away very quickly for the Xbox 360, but it doesn’t stop them from going out with an absolute xbox-360-silicone-cover bang! And it’s very fortunate that manufacturers of protective covers have shipped out a large variety of silicone covers for the 360 controller, so you essentially have your pick from a wide variety. If there was any that caught my attention, it was this awesome black and blue camo from Factop.

There was much to like about this line of silicone covers – the blues in the cover are almost fluorescent in nature, and really pop out, which I feel is aesthetically pleasing. In terms of function, it definitely fits the part (pun intended). The cover fits snugly into the controller, and while most of the other silicone covers for the 360 controller fail to provision for accessories like the chatpad, this cover’s gap at the bottom gives more than enough space for this accessory or headset to be used along with the product – this is a major plus! No need to compromise your silicone cover to in order to accommodate the accessories at the bottom of the controller.

Vendor: Factop, care of Amazon

Price: $4.97


Need one for your Xbox One? How about four!

Now this is an amazing deal – SlickBlue’s 4 pack of silicone covers sounds like a perfect choice, especially if you’re the xbox-one-silicone-cover type who loves having friends over for multiplayer offline (or online even) games. This pack comes with red, black, blue and grey covers, all of which are made from 100% light and durable material that will protect from scratching and dust.

If there was any concern that arises from this product, it was that despite being one of the more snug fits out there, the product needs to be stretched out a bit in order to accommodate accessories. And while the headset ports or charge cables, you might have to carefully nudge the cover around to make room for a chatpad or special grips, for instance. Other than that, it’s a swell choice because of the value and quantity for money, and it does the job for not one, but four!

Vendor: SlickBlue, via Amazon

Price: $9.05


Givin some PS4 lovin!

Early on, I had talked about the full overhaul of PS4 controller using housing shells, but what if you are not the type ps4-silicone-coverto swap out controller housings (or better yet, extremely hesitant for warranty purposes?). Fear not, there are silicone covers that are right for you!

Foamy Lizard provides a great line of silicone covers for the PS4, and it does so with not only the usual suspects (thin, durable and washable material, snug fit, gives access to all ports and functions), but it also comes with some slight ribbing at the controller handles, making it easier to grip for long periods of time regardless of any oil or moisture upon being held. A definitely great accessory to protect your controller.

Vendor: Foamy Lizard, via Amazon

Price: $8.99


T(w)o glow in the dark, you and me, let’s try this cover for the PS3!

What could be better than protecting your PS3 controllers from dust or scratches? How about protecting them from  ps3-silicone-coverdust and scratches in the dark! Y&Y Star has this nifty glow-in-the-dark 2-set that you cover up your controller with very nicely.

Now while this cover’s got a nice overall fit onto the controller, I’m a bit bugged about the rounded holes for the D-pad and face buttons. The round cuts do give a good amount of clearance, but because they are large enough holes, you may run the risk of thinning the edges around them from minor fidgets to fit the cover onto your controller. From what I’ve experienced with large cuts on a silicone cover, those edges tend to thin and break first, so with this one I almost feel like it could get more mileage if the cuts were more fit to the buttons. Other than that, very solid option.

Vendor: Y&Y Star, via Amazon

Price: $6.64


Wii give love to these guys, too!

Now, we’ve talked about the current and the recent generation controllers, but looking back at previous articles, I  wii-silicone-coverrealized that it didn’t hurt to give some TLC to the Nintendo Wiimote. Which is why I was thrilled to see that RamboGate can create a functionable set of controller covers for our favorite casual console.

This product comes in 4 colors – blue, pink, green and orange. Now while this may not sound as much, it does help that it comes with covers for both the Wiimote and Nunchuck. This is a real bonus for gamers who use play the Smash Bros and other games with both controllers as you are able to provide a lightweight yet sturdy protection for them – definitely recommend this if your Wii controllers are always used by a large group.

Vendor: RamboGate, via Amazon

Price: $10.49


In closing…

Silicone controller covers are definitely an affordable alternative to customizing your controllers, and it also gets bonus points for being able to protect your controller from dust, grime and moisture. The big challenge with these covers, though, is that the premium on getting a great fit often times makes it harder to put it on the controller. Be careful when you nudge or extend the gaps over the controller on installation so that you do not compromise the fit.

Also, some silicone covers can reduce the amount of press on controller buttons due to the edges encroaching on the button’s side. In this case, I ask that you may exercise caution when trimming these parts off – using a heavy-duty cutter or X-acto knife, lighty shave off the edges until you get the clearance from the buttons that you desire. That way, you still maintain a great cover on your pad or controller!

Did you like this post? Do you have any suggestions for other kinds of controller covers that you want me to take a look into? Feel free to write them in the comments below, and I’d be happy to reply and review them for you!

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