Price-friendly PS4 Analog Stick covers that deliver the best performance

In a previous article, I had written about how some controller accessories go beyond a seemingly aesthetic effect. Rather, these little products are actually beneficial to your gaming experience by fulling optimizing your grip on/around your controller, such as in this case, PS4 analog stick covers.

Furthermore, these controller accessories carry one of the more important benefits to the user – these will improve the overall lifespan and usability of controllers by covering areas of your controller, reducing the wear and tear that your controller parts are bound to receive through time.

Let’s talk about the nubs for our thumbs, shall we?

Perhaps the most distinguishable controller accessory would be analog stick covers. These are nifty little spherical objects that wrap around an analog stick, thereby preventing buildup of dust and grime on your analog stick’s surface.

What I like about them is that they serve a number of purposes – not only do they keep your controller sticks clean, but also helps your thumb’s grip on the analog stick and provide more maneuverability and precision when you move the analog sticks around.


Given some more mileage, these sticks will start to peel or worse, break apart.

Surprisingly, some analog stick covers also provide a slight compromise between convex and concave analog stick design. This is achieved by combining features that are explicitly seen in either contouring, which results in the best of both worlds.

Simply put, you can have the more effortless shifting that comes from convex sticks along with the cupping from concave sticks which makes it easier to return to the starting position.

These all sound good to the hardcore consumers, but for the casual market (and the price conscious gamers like me) accessories like these are nice to have for as long as they are reasonably priced. The good news is that these products are extremely affordable, and the products’ content come with more than one pair of covers at any time.

They are compatible across different analog-stick controllers, too!

Yes, this is the time for your wallets to exhale in relief, then rejoice!

There are plenty of quality and affordable products to choose from, so here’s a notable list that I’d like to share:

Grip-iT Analog Stick Covers, by Total Control

grip it analog stick covers. 2 are colored blue on the left, 2 are black on the right.

The gecko hand design is more than just aesthetics.

Of all the products in this category that are available to the market, the analog stick covers from Grip-iT happens to be one of the most popular and go-to brands out there. Very distinguishable due to the gecko hands extruding from the material, Grip-iT is very easy to install on your controller, and provides a soft yet non-intrusive feel to your analog sticks, while at the same time affording the ideal grip to improve gaming performance.

grip it stick covers installed on a ps4 controller

Packaging includes 2 pairs of analog stick covers (one pair in black and the other in blue), and at a shade under $5.00 in retail, will have your wallet and your thumbs yearning for more!

->> See Grip-iT Analog Stick Covers here <<-

Ortz Analog Thumb Stick Grips

Also another solid product that definitely gets the job done. And while the grips from Ortz are designed to be more on the concave side (as seen with the dip in the center), there is no loss of grip because of the dotted “ring” texture at the top of the concave. This provides better grip for your thumbs on the analog stick’s edge by having the dots act as a physical stopper that presses gently on your thumb’s surface so they don’t slide off.

ortz analog stick covers installed on a ps4 controller

These covers also happen to have a very snug fit around your analog stick, which guarantees a more durable finish that will stay on for a long time. This product comes in 2 pairs as well (black and blue), and with a retail price of about $6.00, it’s definitely great value for any gamer out there (even if they’re not on the PS4.. they work on other controllers!)

->> Learn More About The Ortz Analog Stick Grips! <<-

Fosmon Technology Analog Stick Thumb Grips

fosmon analog stick covers. black with the ring on the edges in red.Don’t let appearances fool you – despite a profile that gives off the impression that they are in-ear headphone buds, these are a really fine looking set of analog stick covers. Fosmon Technology’s uses a more concave design with circular dots on the stick’s surface area. This ensures that tilting the sticks from the surface would receive better gripping and a more enhanced feel during stick movement.

fosmon analog stick covers installed on a ps4 controller

There are 4 variants of this product where 3 have the ringed edges of different colors (with the 4th one having a lighter green ring on a translucent body), with the ringed edge giving the added support when pushing back the analog sticks to the center. This product comes in a set of 4, and is definitely a quality purchase at $5.50 retail.

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Some fair reminders about analog stick covers!

Now, I believe it is best to remind everyone that while analog stick covers can extend the lifespan of your analog sticks by virtue of providing a better grip and surface (especially if your analog sticks are pretty worn), these are not meant to physically replace them. Your analog stick’s neck and bottom are just as important as they keep the sticks upright, and any breakage that happens to them would warrant a outright replacement of the sticks themselves.

Most variations and brands that carry this kind of product often use silicone for material as it has a fair share of flexibility and dust/grime protection. Prolonged usage will eventually eat into the overall quality/thickness of the stick covers – thankfully these products come with at least 4 covers so that you’ll have a backup handy later on.

When the extrusions/dotted textures on your product loses its luster completely, there are high chances of surface slipping happening – this is expected, especially if you produce a lot of sweat or in my case, have a rougher surface area in my fingertips which secretes more grime on anything they press on. Make sure to clean your stick covers often so that collected dust and moisture are removed.

That said, the added gaming performance and lifespan given by these PS4 analog stick covers are a definite welcome to any gamer. I highly recommend grabbing a couple to see the improved results yourself!

Found any similar products in the market? Please sound off in the comments section!


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