MadCatz Fightstick TE2 for PS4 Review

Product Name:Mad Catz Arcade FightStick Tournament Edition 2
Brand:Mad Catz
Platform:PS4, PS3
Features:Easy to Mod - Chassis hinges open for clear access to inner components. Removable bezel and top panel for swapping custom artwork. Includes screwdriver with hex and flat heads. Genuine Arcade Layout - Extremely accurate and durable Sanwa Denshi parts. Versatile Gamer - This video games controller has a button enabling the joystick to emulate a left or right analog stick or D-Pad to unlock gameplay for other gaming genres. Enhanced Mobility - Internal storage compartment holds removable USB ProCable. Metal posts support a separately available shoulder strap.
Get Your Mad Catz TE2 While It's Still On The Market!

Fighting game aficionados have plenty to be happy about as we head into the holiday season (not to mention the impending madness that is Black Friday!). And if you’re looking to get your hands dirty in all that fighting game goodness, what better way to do that than with a MadCatz Fightstick for PS4?

madcatz tournament edition 2 stick, quarter view

Yes, this fightstick. It’s amazing.

Now I may have previously said that the control input that you use for fighting games will always boil down to your preference, but as someone who has gotten to really appreciate the intricacies that a fightstick has to offer, I can’t not tell you how exciting it is to be getting MadCatz’ latest offering, the Tournament Edition 2 stick (or TE2). In fact, I have plenty of reasons to tell you why its such a big deal.


Its console has become a tournament standard since the latter part of 2015.

In the past 7 years of competitive fighting games, the “tournament standard console” has often shifted sides. And while the Xbox 360 had often been the go-to choice for this kind of platform, a recent partnership between Sony and Capcom (the publishing powerhouse behind Street Fighter) became the start of a path that led to an inevitable PS4 victory, not to mention as pushing the PS4 to become the standard for the largest fighting game tournament in the world, the Evolution Championship Series…

quarter view of the ps4 console

All signs had pointed to the PS4 winning a console battle that they led from the start…

That was until the console’s port of Ultra Street Fighter 4 tanked on its initial release.

Xbox 360 stayed on as the console of choice for the 2015 EVO, but the aforementioned partnership was not going to concede, especially after they had announced earlier this year that the upcoming Street Fighter V was going to be a console exclusive in favor of the PS4 (Cross-play on the PC will come, of course, but the title will never come to the Xbox One). USF4 eventually got fixed and has been used in tournaments since.

combined cover art of guilty gear xrd and mortal kombat x
It should also be mentioned that another prominent fighting game title, Guilty Gear Xrd, is also played on the PS4 – a game that has a very strong following in Japan (and in North America). Xrd is in the forefront of a niche within the fighting game genre known as “anime fighters”, which have historically found a home in Sony consoles. And there’s Mortal Kombat X, too!

To put it simply, there is larger offering of current fighting games to play (and perhaps older ones when older Sony console offerings become available) on the PS4 compared to the Xbox One, so having a fightstick on the PS4 means you are getting a lot of mileage on it for the years to come.

Speaking of Street Fighter V…
cover art for street fighter v

So much hype for this game!




Three words from the PS4 – Street. Fighter. V!

The latest in the largely popular fighting game franchise in the past 2 decades will be hitting the shelves in February of 2016, which, at the time of this writing, is about 4 months away! As an avid gamer, this cannot be any more exciting. But, as a fighting game fan, hype is through the roof!

I’m serious about the hype, by the way – the beta testing for SFV has been met really well over the past months!!

I personally cannot wait to get my hands on this game, and aside from the definitive step of getting a PS4, I know I have to figure out a way to get a fightstick to work on the console – there are probable ways to do so with my current Xbox 360 stick by either switching out the PCB for one that supports the PS4, or to use a converter.

Both sound like great plans, don’t they? Maybe, but there’s more to it.

brook super converter connected to a USB portNot everyone has the experience of switching out PCB’s, no matter how simple they make the process out to be. At the same time, a dual-modded PCB would probably only come with the basic control mappings that don’t necessarily work with features on my Fighting Edge, so that’s a bit of a challenge.

Looking into the second option of using a converter might be the cheaper and more convenient alternative, frame delay might hinder both the overall experience and gaming performance – not to mention make it questionable at a more competitive level.

Getting a PS4-ready fightstick like the TE2, while being a greater investment than the previous 2 options, comes over as the most no-frills option

No need to worry about messing the PCBs in order for it to run on the console, no need for additional wiring, and no need to worry about performance issues due to third-party extensions.

It’s all about having a quality product to best suit the console and give you the best gaming experience possible – something that you can definitely get from a TE2 stick.



Fighting Games are synonymous to the MadCatz brand.

the usf4 version of the te2 stick, quarter viewMadCatz is a brand that is very closely associated with the fighting game community and fighting games that it has even sponsored professional players to represent them in tournaments all over the world.

In fact, when you have 3 the fighting game community’s 5 “gods” under your banner, then you definitely have a brand that is strong and prominent as its product line (you can look highlight reels of Mago, Tokido and Daigo on Youtube, you will not be disappointed!).

Editor’s Note: Months since this article was written, these players have since moved to different teams.
But what makes these players stay with this brand?

Surely there is something other than just the name of the brand that they want to carry with them, and it surely has nothing to do with aesthetics. I say, they’ve used several fightsticks in the past but have gone on to much success and comfort with the MadCatz line.

Now I’ve never been one to be particular about brands, but there people who like certain brand names because of the quality product associated closely, so I believe that the TE2 is strongly endorsed by top players around the world who stand by this product, then it shouldn’t be any surprise to anyone to feel the same way, especially about the TE2.


This is, by far, the finest crafted version of the TE stick.

the chun li edition of the te2 stick.

The “Chun-Li” stick was recently announced, carrying the character’s infamous colors.

In a previous article, I had written about the features that have made the MadCatz TE fightsticks the staple that it is right now for fighting games. The nice thing about MadCatz, though, is that their products can only get better with each iteration.

sanwa buttons and joystick

Yes, we still have the Sanwa Denshi joystick and buttons that are the same kind that are used in Japanese arcade cabinets – mash and whack them all you want, they will still maintain the same response and motion that it did the first time you held them.

You can still lock the smaller buttons on the top portion of the stick – buttons that acquaint to pausing the screen, which prevents you from inadvertedly pausing your match and causing forfeiture. You can still switch out your joystick to use either a directional pad or analog stick so that you can use the TE2 for other games.

But what makes the TE2 special is the fact that you now have internal access through a flick of the switch – this allows you to open up the stick and do any modifications to parts, not to mention having a nifty place to store the stick’s cable and the included screwdriver (which should help you with modifications).

Also interestingly cool is that the bezel and clear top panel are designed in a way that you can easily switch out artwork (in case you want custom designs and save the stock ones) without having to remove buttons and wires.

These removable parts go around the buttons, so changing faceplate designs is much easier to do – just simply unscrew and lift out!
here's the base of the stick

foam base = comfort while playing

Finally, two issues of comfort and convenience are addressed – the TE2 has non-slip foam under the base so that it sits comfortable on your lap. You won’t have to worry about the stick slipping off your lap or bearing too much weight on your legs.

And for convenience, there are metal posts that can accommodate a shoulder strap. Now you don’t have to worry about lugging the TE2’s weight around with your hands – you can just sling it over your shoulder and be on your way to your next match (the strap comes separately).

With all the amazing features that have made the TE2 famous and the additional things to further augment the product, the MadCatz TE2 is definitely a thumbs-up in the aspects of performance, durability, comfort, convenience and customization.



Oh, and it’s backwards compatible with the PS3.

Finally, with the increasing interest in the PS4, it’s easy to take its predecessor and fighting game library for granted. It’s human nature for us to always want the latest and greatest edition of any product offering.

And while some people are quick to give up an older console completely, others will prefer to keep it for the sake of legacy gaming.

That’s the beauty in the TE2 – the PCB inside the fightstick uses drivers that make it compatible not just for PS4, but for the PS3 as well. This gives you access to an even larger library of games (fighting games, in particular) to enjoy.

another quarter view image of the chun li designed te 2 stick

And so if you feel like kicking back and doing some “not-so-retro” gaming (these wouldn’t be games from more than 10 years ago, so not necessarily retro gaming), you can take solace in the fact that you have a fightstick that is compatible with 2 consoles (well 3 if you include the PC), instead of one stick for each console that you own.


So there you have it! 5 very solid reasons why a MadCatz Tournament Edition 2 fightstick is a great purchase for your PS4 going into the holidays. I highly recommend this as I, too, am gonna jump on this as soon as they become available in the next couple of months. There are three stock designs to choose from, so you have your pick on what suits you.

purchase details for the TE2 Chun-Li stick

I will also say that you can never go wrong with purchasing this amazing product on Take advantage of their offers and shipping options while supplies still last!

Amazon will also offer you several shipping options to suit your budget, so you won’t have to worry about excess handling fees. So what are you waiting for? Go book your stick now, and I’ll see you online when SFV drops!


What are your thoughts about this product? Let me know in the comments section!

Get Your Mad Catz TE2 While It's Still On The Market!

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