Avenger Reflex Controller Adaptor Review

Product Name:Avenger Reflex Controller Adapter
Brand:Avenger Advantage
Platform:PS4 (Xbox One version available as well)
Features:Designed to significantly enhance the user's skills and improve the overall gaming performance. Magnifies your Reflexes. Own the FPS world!
Augment with the Avenger Reflex Controller today!

In a previous article, I’ve written about the importance of getting a good grip on your controller to keep it away from sweat and moisture. This time, I’d like to tell you about how a minor add-on to your controller could ultimately give you an edge in high-pressure situations. This is something we will come to know about in the Avenger Reflex Controller Adaptor review.


The trigger and the dilemma

Hands holding a PS4 controller, with a green light on the controller's sensor

When you’re playing any fast-paced video game like an FPS or an action game, moments during the game are often decided by whoever pulled the trigger or made the move first. Now it’s possible that factors such as game experience, knowledge of opponent’s tendencies or quick reflexes will tip these situations to your favor, but with intangibles such as online lag, outside distractions or even a “jumpscare” setup (whether intended or by accident), there will still be times where your battle-hardened gaming mojo will fail you (until your next respawn, of course).

I definitely have that problem – not only am fidgety when it comes to using an analog stick to aim, but I often find myself at the losing end of a quick trigger moment – which leads to your truly shouting…


“Why did it happen?!? I shot first!!”


3 minutes later, I would wonder to myself if I was really fast enough to fire, or did the time from when I touched the button to the point that the button is considered “pressed” get affected by the distance between the top of the button and the button’s working level itself.

If you’ve wondered about this situation as well, then it might be high time to get a Avenger Reflex Adaptor for your controller!



How this helps you become the quick and not the pwned

Front view of an Xbox One controller with the Avenger Reflex Adaptor installedThe Avenger Reflex Adaptor provides the gamer to press the buttons/triggers on their controller without having to move your thumb from the analog sticks. This is a huge advantage when the travel time from analog stick to controller would take around half a second (just enough time to get shot in an FPS game, more or less).


How is this accomplished, you might ask?


By using a combination of a modified housing (which covers the controller face) and nicely tuned arms that position themselves strategically for minimal hand and finger movement when you grip your controller. So instead of using your right thumb for all 4 face buttons, each button can be accessed by your right thumb’s mid-joint, your right index finger’s side and both index finger’s tips.


How about the trigger/shoulder buttons, you might ask?


Well this becomes a challenge for some gamers, as not everyone has long enough fingers to get enough leverage to press either buttons, so their middle fingers come into play. While this may be helpful, others might not be as used to the leverage involved here.

To combat this, the Avenger Reflex Adaptor uses elastic loops to pull down on the triggers, while the index fingers can rock the other way to press the shoulder buttons. The adaptor’s designed in such a way these slight gestures won’t throw off the gamer’s grip and stability.

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The Avenger Reflex Adaptor: Optimal action with lesser effort!

image of the avenger reflext adaptor's product page with priceI’m a constant worrywart when it comes to how I press buttons on my controllers – I’ve broken the press-level for some buttons already in the past that I try to get as much pushdown on it as possible without losing that much feedback to register the button press. And the last thing anyone would want are sunken buttons and loose trigger strings on a controller, especially after extensive usage.

With the Avenger Reflex Adaptor, though, you are guaranteed immediate button feedback with the slightest gesture buy your palms and fingers. This reduced travel time to reach the buttons and triggers allows gamers to better focus on movement and aiming, therefore saving your life and scoring points as well.


I can’t say that I am not impressed by the Avenger Reflex Adaptor, as the overall function that this adaptor provides for any gamer is definitely a big help!


The only wish is that there would be more optimal positioning for the arms on the top face buttons and the shoulders so that there’s lesser time to switch to and fro, but other than that, it’s a very solid product that will definitely optimize your game movement and actions.

This item is available for the PS4 and Xbox One, both with the same enhanced trigger placements + faceplate/grip that you can’t go wrong with. Grab your own Avenger Reflex Adaptor now, and enjoy your next game of Halo, Destiny, Titanfall, Madden, NHL or NBA!


Got any feedback about this product, or have seen something similar worth reviewing? Let me know in the comments section below!

Augment with the Avenger Reflex Controller today!


  • Great mod for the Xbox One controller. The reduced time travel really helps when I’m playing FPS games. Easily ranked up to prestige (finally) in CoD thanks to this haha!

    • Raphy says:

      Hahaha that’s great to know Michael! The Avenger Reflex Controller Adapter definitely helps cut the travel time of buttons and triggers, providing the most precise reactions with the most optimal effort. Congrats again on making Prestige!

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