Brook Super Converter Review

Product Name:Brook Super Converter
Brand:Brook Accessories
Platform:PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, PC, Wii
Features:Straight Conversions from one platform to another. Works with all kinds of controllers like gamepads, arcade sticks and racing wheels. Little to no delay in controller response. Constant firmware updates ensures that your controller does not time out!
Grab a Brook Super Converter Now and Keep Your Controllers Alive!

I figured it’d be good to do a follow-up to an article I wrote not too long ago, but in order to full appreciate what the Brook Super Converter has done over the past year, we have to look back at both the lifespan of a video game console and its corresponding (and varying) controller types associated with them.

Looking at it from their initial release to the launch of that console’s successor, we can make the argument that the average lifespan of a game console is about 6 years.

A console’s relevant lifespan can be credited to the amount of work developers churn out in order to push the boundaries of the console’s capabilities, not to mention an opportunity to heighten a player’s gaming experience. With the latter, manufacturers have found that building unique and customized controllers (read as not the stock controller that came with your console) provides the gamer with a more authentic feel to the game.

And tha’s not hard to believe, actually.
thrustmaster vg tc racing wheel with pedals

In the past year there has been a sudden increase in racing wheel controller sales. Gotta love those racing sims!

Take steering wheel controllers for racing games, for instance. When you have multiple iterations of the Grand Turismos, Forzas and so on, there is definitely a large market who love these games and immerse themselves in it to really enjoy their racing games.

And with recent games resulting in over 25% sales growth in the past year alone (and more alternative products than this, it’s without question that driving controllers were truly a staple in the years of the game’s and console’s relevance.


Then comes the new guy. And by new guy, I mean new console.

However, with advances in technology that can be harnessed, these will eventually translate to new consoles. When a new console is launched, not all titles available in its predecessor are available, so the compatibility of other peripherals do not carry over completely (or at all).

And although some of these manufacturers may have excellent after-sales support by providing driver updates to up the platform compatibility, the harsh reality is that these specialized controllers can be written off as a one-trick pony.

quarter view of the ps4 console

The advent of new consoles often mean the swan song for the previous iteration and its associated products.

It’s an unfortunate occurrence for gamers who invested a lot on earlier consoles to have to either dispose their niche-controllers or let them collect dust in their attic. Even so for gamers who have shallow wallets as it gives them the impression that these controllers are just a fad.

But what if there was a way to increase your custom controller’s lifespan?

And what if you happen to be more accustomed to a legacy console’s stock controller that you wish you could use it in a newer one because of the comfort and performance you enjoy?


Three Words: Brook Super Converter


Yep, it truly is a magic stick.

The solution isn’t too hard to find – enter the Super Converter variants from Brook Accessory (in the case of what I have with me, it’s the Xbox 360 to PS4 Converter, as shipped by ArcadeShock). Produced by a group of people with expansive experience in console and peripheral development, these Super Converters may be the solution that gamers have been looking for.

Don’t be fooled by their appearances – while they may just look like the usual USB drives you would find at the store, but what’s inside is where the magic happens.

When you plug the converter into the console, a “handshake” is established to confirm that a recognized controller is connected. When you insert your controller to the female USB port at the opposite end of the converter, it rides into the handshake as well – The result? Your older platform controller now works with your new console!


Brook Super Converter Advantage #1: No complicated assemblies for the same result


Congratulations on the first step in modification.. Er, now what?

What’s that? You don’t want to spend on a converter and would rather tinker around to make your controller work on the new consoles? Well, there are some gamers out there who have a background in electronics and tech that they can disassemble a controller and replace PCB’s for one that is new generation-compatible.

This is definitely a viable way to keep your peripheral relevant to current times.

Wiring and soldering new PCB’s will allow you to reuse your peripheral for when its niche game’s sequel becomes available – you’ll be ready to go long before manufacturers start churning out accessories for these games.

There are several online sellers for gutted controller boards that are a fraction of the original unit’s price (Brook even has an actual PCB that you can hook up within your controller.. it’s meant for joysticks, though, but you get the idea).

The risk in doing this, though, is that you have to be really careful when soldering in these wires into the newer PCB’s.

One mistake can cause either the PCB or the actual controller to become unusable – you might end up spending more on replacing the controller! Also, a successful connection with your replacement PCB is 1:1, so if you have more controllers that you want to use on newer consoles, you’ll have to get more than one PCB, and that would bring up your cost and effort.

The Brook Super Converter doesn’t limit you to that 1:1 ratio.

That’s right, because of its USB design, you don’t have to worry about permanent controller fixtures. Want to go from fighting game to racing sim? Switch out your joystick for a racing wheel by switching out their USB cables. Want to revert to your old, wired controller for other games? Not a problem, either!

It’s this kind of versatility across different controller types from one legacy console that makes a Brook Super Converter a big reason to spare your controller shells and the additional dollars that come with each controller modification.

Do take note that in the fine print, 1 Brook Super Converter can be used actively by one controller at a time, but at least it’s not a permanent fixture.


The diagram on the back of the box explains it all, folks.



Brook Super Converter Advantage #2: More effective than the single, simple, turnkey solution.

Some of us gamers are not as fortunate or as brave to open up these controllers, let alone go through several in attempts to get a controller conversion right. That is why the other alternate is putting some resources to products that can get the job done in minimal effort.

Adapters and mult-platform products have been called on over the years to fulfill that role, with the Cronus Max being the titular product.

Cronus Max is actually a good, product. There are some input lag issues, though.

Cronus Max (also known as Titan One) certainly has the edge when it comes to the number of platforms that it can support. It also comes with a Bluetooth dongle, which is a very convenient inclusion for gamers who prefer to use wireless controllers.

The big letdown for a product like this, however, is the amount of lag that it creates during input.

What this means is that the handshake created by the console and the Cronus Max has a more complicated protocol based on what is configured on the device and what controller is connected, not to mention if the configuration is the most legit one (Cronus Max allows a controller configuration + game-specific modification).

This is not necessarily a deal breaker, but with the new consoles implementing security updates (and requiring firmware updates on the converter) as well as the need for quick response in-game, it’s definitely a show of concern for a gamer.

The Brook Super Converter’s plus side: minimal to no lag!




That’s right – Brook has been very good at releasing new firmware as the need arises and has made it very easy for gamers to:

(1) confirm that the firmware on their converter isn’t the latest (if the converter doesn’t work, firmware update is required), and

(2) download the latest and most authentic firmware that they need (it’s immediately available on their website, so no need to fish around the internet for these modifications).. these definitely lessen the headache for gamers. I should note that the one I got from ArcadeShock already had the latest firmware installed, so less hassle!

And because the converters are specialized connections from one platform to another, the protocols that go to the console handshake is very straightforward, thus the response is pretty good! Here’s a quick video I put up to showcase how easy it is to setup a Brook Xbox 360 to PS4 Converter, as well as test the input lag from a joystick:


Brook Super Converter Advantage #3: Cheaper than buying new ones on the new consoles.

the chun li edition of the te2 stick.

Buying a special controller for the new console is definitely a solution, but that price though!

There are also some people who choose to just bite the bullet and purchase similar controllers for when these games are available in the new consoles – definitely an expensive choice, of course! Imagine buying a Guitar Hero controller for double the price of the original retail value of the legacy version from 2 consoles back, or getting the latest MadCatz fight controller.

Going this route would definitely resolve the problem of compatibility because you’re getting a controller that was made for your current console. Be ready to shoulder the cost, though!

The current stock controllers for the current-gen consoles will set you back around $70, and you’re looking at no less than $100, and that doesn’t even include shipping costs if you purchase online. That’s a lot of money!

News flash – a Brook Super Converter costs less than a controller!

That’s right, any variant of a Brook Super Converter costs around $34.95 (with the Xbox 360/Xbox One to PS4 being the most expensive at $44.95), and roughly around $20 shipping cost (more or less). That’s amazing value at practically half the price of buying a new controller in-store, so what more if it was a specialized controller?

Do you hear that sound? Yes, that’s your wallet breathing a sigh of relief.. or crying tears of joy.

hand holding a light green brook super converter, showing off the female usb port

Brook Super Converter = Good form, better function, even better price.



Brook Super Converter – Game, Set and Match.

Let’s do a quick recap of the amazing features in a Brook Super Converter:

  1. Easy to use? Check.
  2. Flexible to be used by different specialized controller offerings for one console? You got that right.
  3. Very good input response? Yes absolutely!
  4. Costs less than a new controller? Jackpot!

The Brook Super Converter is a solid product in translating legacy controllers to latest gen consoles with minimal effort and lesser cost. When you purchase one, it will always come in a box along with an instructional guide to get you up and running as well as help you configure your buttons to suit your preference!

If you find yourself more than interested, then I highly recommend one of two places to get this product from; you can check it out on ArcadeShock where I got it, or take advantage of additional deals for the product through Amazon. Either way, you’re making a great investment in ensuring your controllers’ longevity!

Got any questions about the product? Please let me know in the comments below.

Grab a Brook Super Converter Now and Keep Your Controllers Alive!


  • Tyler Redlev says:

    I was looking around for a controller converter for a long time.

    I think this was a product that had to be revealed to public a long time ago. I don’t know how old is this product but it is quite useful due to comments of users I read from.

    Thank you for showing us this great product. I have a PS3 and this may be quite useful for me.

    • Raphy says:

      Tyler, you and me both buddy! I wasn’t keen on disposing a perfectly good joystick in favor of something more expensive on a newer console. Thank goodness they introduced this to the market.

      Based on Brook’s Youtube channel, they’ve made this product public close to 6 months ago. At first a lot of people were hesitant about it, and understandably so with the cons that came with a similar product, the Cronus Max. But upon trying it out, it’s been nothing but impressive!

      From a fighting gamer’s perspective, it’s also re-assuring to see that the Brook Super converter is getting recognition during tournaments, and that support should further increase interest and sales in such a great line of products.

      It’s definitely useful for switching up to newer consoles. While most games on the PS4 recognize the PS3 driver, it’s definitely worth a go to switch up and buy that converter and future proof the compatibility. and future proof the compatibility.

  • Evan says:

    This is awesome! I remember when I used to play Gran Turismo on my Playstation. I always wanted to use it for my newest systems like my Xbox 360. What is your favorite legacy controller that you have used? I always had a great time using the steering wheel and gas pedal for the racing games.

    • Raphy says:

      Nice one Evan! I’ve personally always been a fan of the first Playstation controller – it had the right amount of weight and didn’t have limited movement in the middle area due to not having analog sticks (not to mention wide enough to accommodate different-sized hands). I also liked the 360 controller, that one probably had the best button/stick spacing I’ve seen in a while. If only the rumble pack wasn’t as heavy!

      I remember trying the steering wheel and gas pedal once for Ridge Racer, it was a really fun experience! Definitely see why it heightened the racing experience for gamers, which is why I think legacy and specialized controllers would greatly benefit from a Brook Super Converter.. it’ll make these controllers’ lifespan longer with more playability, not to mention really brings out your money’s worth in these controllers.

  • Destin says:

    This a really interesting and well written article. It would be really amazing to use an old racing wheel with my Xbox One or on a computer. This would also be great for using a Xbox One or a Xbox 360 remote on a computer or a PS4 or vice versa. This seems like a really great accessory to have for any kind of gamer with old accessories. This makes all the old things in my closet useful again. Great article nicely written.

    • Raphy says:

      Yes, you can definitely use your legacy racing wheel or stock controller on new platforms, and as well on your PC if the game does not support legacy drivers. I’m extremely happy with it because I bought an arcade stick 2 years ago for the Xbox 360, and having a Brook Super Converter allows me to continue playing on a PS4.

      Also, you don’t have to worry about console updates “bricking” your converter – Brook is pretty good with creating driver updates, ensuring that your converter won’t time out on you while you play.

      Thanks for the feedback!

  • Kevin says:

    Absolutely amazing! I never knew a product such as this even existed. Definitely will save me a lot of money from buying those new controllers which I think go for like 50 dollars now which is insane. I always have friends coming over and it’s a shame when I don’t have enough controllers for everyone and we have to end up sharing. Definitely need to get this! Great review!

    • Raphy says:

      Exactly! Not only is it a money saver, but the the minimal input lag really gives it some additional value. It’s definitely challenging for gamers on a budget to always be shelling out to buy new controllers, especially if they’ve already invested a lot from previous consoles. It’s especially intriguing how it makes specialized controllers like racing wheels and joysticks continuously relevant. Brook Converters are definitely worth buying!

  • RaptorBC says:

    There is no lag with the CronusMAX – that’s just garbage reporting.

    Out of all the adapters the Call of Duty World Championships can use – they chose the CronusMAX PLUS because it has zero lag. Plus its legal – whereas Brook isn’t – it uses a cracked IC with a single serial number for every device – meaning it can be disabled at any time by MS or SOny (Sony have already done it once before). Then there’s everything else you can do with a CronusMAX – thats why Gamestop stock it – because it’s the best.

    • Raphy says:

      Thanks for the response!

      Since this review was posted a while back, and looking back, I would gladly say that CronusMAX being far more versatile than Brook converters makes it just as, if not more, viable. The macros alone that can be assigned into a CronusMAX speaks for its versatility across consoles and game types, and it’s far more convenient than having to lug multiple adapters or shelling out for a Universal Board to be turnkey.

      I’ve seen Brook converters utilized in the FGC and it’s always been their tournament organizer’s prerogative to grant them as legal during the tournament (EVO has been welcoming to Brook converters for the most part). But in terms of competitive gaming, I’m not one to argue which should be legal or illegal across the board, as long as the converters abide by tourney requirements, i.e. firmware updates.

      From ease of use, though, I’ve always been happy with Brook’s ability to quickly provide firmware updates in relation to MS or Sony’s security updates. From Brook’s perspective, an outdated firmware usually results in an 8-minute timeout of the converter, so if CronusMAX doesn’t have that issue, then big ups to them as well. For someone who invested deeply in the 360 peripherals, though, I’m content with just the 360-to-PS4 adapter.

      It’s a personal preference, and I respect your opinion and I definitely want to give light to the CronusMAX in a later review.

      Thanks for the feedback!

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