Energizer 2x Charging Station for PS4 Review

Product Name:PDP Energizer 2X Charging Station
Platform:PS4 (Xbox One version is also available)
Features:Glowing LED light clearly indicates charge status. Quick charging with an included AC Adapter. Sleek and compact design. Glossy, matte details match console design. Easy controller installation in secure cradles.
Grab The Extra Charge from The Energizer 2x Charging Station!

Back when I wrote about getting a lot of mileage from charging stations, the product that always at the top of my mind was the Energizer 2X Charging Station for PS4. For a product that has been out for 3 years, it is still one of the more known charging stations in the market. Let us have a look at it:


Product Overview


PS4 controllers not included.

Let’s face it, when we buy products in the electronic category, we definitely consider the brand of the product more than half of the time – brand association is pretty much in our subconscious to the extent that quality is synonymous to the brand that we choose.

If that’s the case, bless Energizer’s constantly-beating heart. The name has been synonymous to quality, long-lasting  energy sources, and so when you associate that kind of brand to controller charging stations, you are pretty much guaranteed a great product.


Simple, sleek design

energizer-2x-charging-station-ps4-sideviewAs soon as you see the product design from the box, you would initially think, “well this is different”. I would not blame you – it is definitive far cry from the rectangular trays with a wide base.

Instead, we are presented with what looks like a controller stand that came from the USS Enterprise – you have transparent, pentagon-shaped holders that protrude from a thin yet curvy black frame that could pass as a flip-phone.

But then again, it is not too big of a deal. For starters, because of the slim and sleek design, this charging station does not take up that much space at all.

The tilt on the body allows it to fit in most shelves (even with the controllers docked). It also has rubber pods under the base and stand, which is extremely nifty as it keeps it sturdy and in place wherever you place it, not to mention prevents scratching on most surfaces.

Overall, it may look flimsy, but it gives off a really futuristic (dare I say, intergalactic) feel. And well, to add to this design…


Look at those pretty lights while it charges!

Of course, we do need to talk about docking controllers and how it indicates charge status. For the Energizer 2X Charging Station, it provides 2 docks that are positioned on top of each other with a slight offset – this allows you to easily place and remove your controllers without worry of dislodging either top or bottom.


To begin charging, you simply place the controller into either of the holders, making sure that the USB ports line up to for connection. When it does, the LED lights up for that holder and immediately shows battery status – orange light is indicated if charging is still in progress, while blue means that the controller is fully charged (it’s red and green for the Xbox One). This adds to the outer space look even more, and because of the clear finish on the holders, the light really spreads brightly around it.


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Space saver, light saver.. Energy saver?

energizer-2x-charging-station-ps4-indicatorThis product comes with a wall charger via AC input into the charging station itself. While this does add another plug into your wall outlet, it is overall independent from the console and will not need you to have the console on as a conduit for charging.

In terms of voltage, the Energizer 2X Charging Station is multi-volt, which means you can use it on either 110 or 220 currents. This is very convenient if you travel to places where the standard for currents are different, as you will not need to plug into a transformer in order for it to work on a higher or lower voltage (depending on location).

In terms of the charging process, you do not need to worry about “overcharging” your controller batteries when docked – the product seems to shut off the flow of charge into a controller with full battery, and so while the blue indicator light may still be on, it does not seem to damage the battery life on the controller.


Final thoughts: Definitely not getting outlasted!


The USB connector looks secure, so it probably won’t that much of an issue.

If you recently purchased a second controller, you will most likely come to a scenario where you would need to charge both controllers at the same time. If this was the case and you did not have a second charging cable, then you would be doubling your charge time AND your console’s standby time.

Not a big deal, but not an ideal scenario especially when you plan to grind a bunch of levels in your game.

I felt the same when I got my second controller. When the time came that both needed to be charged, I only had one cable at home and had to charge one at a time. To make things worse, I had to keep my console on for as much time as it was needed to charge BOTH controllers.

If you’re going through this exact same situation and are feel like you’re wasting a lot of standby time to charge (when you really just want to get back to finishing that boss level), then this product definitely helps!

If that was the case, then you should definitely consider the Energizer 2X Charging Station – you can charge both controllers at the same time, ensuring that you will always have at least one with a full battery. Design-wise, it is not blocky and does not take up that much space, especially with one controller being elevated from the other. And what’s not to love with that very cool colored LED indicator?

I do have a general concern about the USB port within the controller holder, as it is not meant to slide in quickly and easily – there seems to be a fair amount of effort to lock it into place. It also does not look to be a durable piece, either, although there haven’t been any reports of the USB port breaking off.

Other than that, another quality product that is fairly priced at USD 22.00. This will be a great addition to your PS4 accessories, and will definitely keep your gaming enjoyment going… and going… and going…

Did you have any thoughts on this product? Let me know in the comments section!

Grab The Extra Charge from The Energizer 2x Charging Station!

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