Gamer Grip Review

Product Name:Gamer Grip - Total Grip Solution
Brand:Gamer Grip
Features:Improves grip for gaming. Keeps hands dry for up to 4 hours. Leaves no residue so your controller stays clean. Made from FDA-approved ingredients.
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I talk a lot about preventing dust and residue from dirtying peripherals here in Gaming Controller for You, and as much as there is a product or few that prevent sweat and grime from staying on your controllers, sometimes stopping it from the source might be the best solution. And so here we are with a Gamer Grip review that will hopefully have you, the reader, consider the benefits of hand-rubbed grips.


So What Is It?

As per the product’s official website, it is “a non-slip, antiperspirant formula that’s designed to improve your grip during game-play.” To use, you simply apply some of the product into your hand, then rub thoroughly into your palms and finger until it is fully absorbed in both hands.

You will initially notice soon afterwards that your hands will feel a bit sticky – that is normal. This stickiness will help your hands grip your controller better.

Another thing that will be noticeable is that your palms will feel very dry – that means the product is working! This is because Gamer Grip creates a sheet that covers the sweat glands in your fingers and palms, which means sweat won’t even creep out, no matter how much strain you put when you grip your controller. Cool stuff!

Gamer Grip provides up to 4 hours of no sweat and no slip, so you can focus more on bringing your best during long and tense gaming sessions.


Wait.. A Rubbed-on Grip for Gaming? Are We Pro-Athletes Now?

I was always intrigued with the thought of athletes making use of hand products when they play – like how basketball players would rub this on their palms to prevent the ball from slipping out of their hands, or for golfers so that their clubs won’t going flying out of their hands and into someone’s mug. Check out this product advertisement from Gamer Grip’s Official YouTube page for added hype for the product:

The benefits of a good grip is, to put it simply, better control when doing things within a game, and that was something I was able to experience after trying out hand-applied antiperspirants.

The same principle applies to gaming as well – a good grip around your controller means you get better precision from pressing buttons and sliding the analog sticks.

Now just like Gamer Grip being endorsed by athletes such as golfers and rugby players, nothing could back this product better in the gaming world than if it were associated with one of the leading eSports organization in the world – Major League Gaming.

MLG has been running since 2002, and with console gamers constantly making sure that they have a firm and sweat-free grip during high-stakes tournament play – something they can surely find in a product like Gamer Grip. It definitely says a lot about the product if it has the support of an organization where the highest level of professional gaming happens.


Not Harmful for Your Game Nor Your Skin.

Now if you are someone who is very particular about these kinds of products being rubbed onto your skin, hopefully this next bit of information can put you at ease. Gamer Grip and the ingredients that comprise its formula is approved by the Food and Drug Administration of the United States, or FDA.

This means that there are no chemicals or other substances that can be harmful to your skin. And just like how it is endorsed by professional athletes and organizations, the fact that a federal agency with a reputation of being meticulous and extremely careful about stuff that goes on or into a human body has given its green light means that Gamer Grip will definitely provide you more good than harm – not just to your game, but to your body as well.

Now if you are not sure or have a sensitive skin condition, you can always show the product to your physician for peace of mind!


So Is It Really Better Than Other Solutions Out There?

Come to think of it, there are definitely a number of solutions out there that can prevent sweat buildup AND provide better grip and control when you play. There are definitely some downsides to each of them, though:

  • Wearing gloves definitely addresses both issues for sure. However, the level of comfort is not the same as having your bare skin on your controller. Also, sweat can transfer into the insides of you gloves, which can affect your overall comfort (and may smell, too).
  • Chalk and powder is another option, too. It does not last that long, though, so you would have to apply more of it as you go. Also, depending on the type of chalk or powder, there may be some harmful toxins to your skin, especially if you use it for longer periods of time, not to mention how messy it gets on your hands and your controller as well.

With these in mind, it definitely sounds important that the kind of solution that you apply to your hands is something that is non-obtrusive, low maintenance, easy to apply and clean overall. Out of all the possible solutions to sweat and grip, you can definitely be sure that Gamer Grip is the best one out in the market today.


Final Thoughts: A Little Whip of Gamer Grip Goes a Long Way!

Back to my story earlier, I actually got to experience having an antiperspirant formula on my hands when I was playing sports (basketball, in particular), and man does it make a world of difference – my hands stayed dry for an incredibly long period of time and handling things is so much easier because sweat did not impede how I held things (in this case, a ball) in my hands. So as someone who has felt the benefits of this kind of formula, I am very confident that you will get the same feel and effect when you play games on your controller, too!

I definitely consider Gamer Grip even for my kids – as they have gotten older and more used to playing games on a console, I have noticed that the amount of excitement when they play has translated to lack of grip on controllers, which results in (constantly) dropping said controllers. Gamer Grip would definitely prevent some slippage happening on their part, too!

So if you sweat profusely by nature or in tense gaming situations, or are just looking to add to the grip that you have on controller, then get your hands on Gamer Grip today!


Do you have some experiences using Gamer Grip? Let me know in the comments section!

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