HipShotDot Red Dot Sight Attachment Review

Product Name:HipShotDot Red Dot Sight Attachment
Brand:Airdrop Gaming
Platform:XBox 360, Xbox One, PS3, PS4, PC
Features:Console-powered red dot sight for your television. Quick installation and removal. Leverage one of the most effective sights on any weapon. Works effectively regardless of aiming mode (hip or scoped).
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Aim-assisting products are quite a small niche in the gaming market, but the HipShotDot Red Dot Sight Attachment happens to be one of the best ones out in the market today. And while no product or accessory can replicate the same results you get from constant practice and experience, it always helps to get a bit of an assist (in this case, sighted assist) to better their shooting accuracy!


Setting Up The HipShotDot

Installing the HipShotDot is pretty straightforward.

First, plug the USB-end into your console or power source (if you have a USB wall plug adapter, that works as well) to turn the red LED-light on.

With your favorite first-person shooter (FPS) loaded up, place the product on your screen to let it suction into place.

Finally, line up the cord to the bottom of the screen and lock its position using the cord’s built-in clip – this way the HipShotDot won’t come off and maintain its straightness on screen.

Yep, it’s that simple!


The Benefits of a HipShotDot

With the HipShotDot installed, you are now presented with a variety of benefits:

Absolute center, absolute aim.

HipShotDot provides you with an immediate reference point when you are targeting something on screen. Often in the heat of gameplay, we find ourselves unable to center our view to get a clear shot. This product becomes your reference point; since it is set up to be at the middle of the screen, you an easily position your in-game reticle to where the red dot is located.

Better accuracy from the hip.

In FPS games, the aim that provides the most mobility and fire rate does not necessarily equate to being the most precise either, and that is best represented when the lines that make up the in-game reticle do not get close to the center nor intersect (not to mention having to shift your view to compensate for where you are looking). But because HipShotDot provides you with an ideal reference point for aiming, you can now get a more efficient shot at your target even while you are moving.

Enhanced utility of other in-game sights.

The laser sight may be ideal for aiming at targets especially in dark areas, but it does not equate to the better sight options in-game such us a scope (which will let you see your targets much closer) or an iron sight (which keeps your aim steadier). HipShotDot provides you a better marker on your target in order to aim better, especially in lower-lighted areas.

Immune to in-game disablers.

In some FPS games like Call of Duty, players can leverage the use of specialty grenades like flashbangs (temporary blindness), smoke grenades (cloaking movement) or EMPs (which disable the use of electronic-based sights) – all of which can hinder that split-second chance to get a headshot. Lucky for a HipShotDot user, you will always have a reference point to your target regardless of where they were positioned prior to blinding or cloaking, not to mention will continue to function outside of the game (since it is external from what is happening in-game).

Check out this video to see a demonstration of the HipShotDot (video from the official YouTube Channel of AirDrop Gaming)


Usual Questions Regarding The HipShotDot

Is this product limited to just consoles or can it be used with a PC as well?

While it is more recommended to be used with consoles, you can still pretty much use it on a PC. You can plug the USB into any of your computer ports or to a wall outlet (if you have a wall plug adapter).

Will it stick to any monitor surface?

Yes, pretty much. As long as the monitor’s material permit it. If there is some kind of glass protector on top of your monitor or TV, that will help in protecting your display when installing the HipShotDot.

Is this more effective than a Sharpie mark or a decal?

Absolutely. Because of the LED light in the middle of the suction cup, you can be sure to see the HipShotDot regardess of what is in front of you (most crosshairs in-game tend to disappear if what is on-screen is darker, especially if you use black reticles).

Is the HipShotDot ethical? Is this considered cheating?

This is a very interesting question – the HipShotDot was first shown in a video, there was a quote that goes: “Always cheat, always win. The only unfair fight is the one that you lose.” While a product like a HipShotDot can improve your ability to fire accurately from your hip or provide an assist when scoped, it will not account for other things that will win you games like strategy, positioning, vantage point… I could go on, but the point is that this product is meant to help you target, not necessarily translate to becoming a professional gamer at the world stage. Besides, there are players who have been using marker dots of some kind on their monitors for a long time, this product is not that different.


Final Thoughts: Is this product a true, handy aim assist, or is just novelty?

I will admit to marking a portion of my gaming screen at certain points in time – it really helps! You are constantly reminded of the center of your screen, and it helps you aim better. And while I know it increased my Kill Ratio, it did not automatically translate to victories. But hey, those kill streaks are great!

If you are looking for some way to improve your aim and accuracy, especially if you are the type of FPS gamer who is constantly in motion when playing, this is an absolute good buy to have. If you are someone who just started playing an FPS game and are hoping to get better at aiming, this is definitely a nice, inexpensive and effective product for you. At the end of the day, the HipShotDot Red Dot Sight Attachment is a simple and effective product at an affordable price, and is worth checking out.


Let me know what you think of this product in the comments section!

Click here to find deals on the HipShotDot Red Dot Sight Attachment and how people feel about this product!

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