MadCatz Tournament Edition Round 1 Xbox 360 Review

Product Name:Mad Catz Xbox 360 Street Fighter IV FightStick Tournament Edition
Brand:Mad Catz
Platform:Xbox 360, PS3
Features:Authentic Japanese-style Sanwa Denshi joystick & buttons. Premium-quality components with genuine arcade layout. Wired Cable - 4 M (13 FT) length. Connect to console via USB.
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Product Overview

When it comes to playing games like Street Fighter, Mortal Kombat or any of the popular 2D fighters in the market, the most commonly-used controller happens to be the arcade stick. And with good reason – fighting games were introduced to the market in the arcades, where joysticks and buttons were used to control characters on screen as they fireballed, dragon-punched and spin-kicked their way to victory (or at the very least, enjoyment).

When Street Fighter 4 was released back in 2008, reviews lauded the game for making the game more inviting to less-experienced players, because of its gameplay mechanics as well as its availability on consoles (not to mention online play). And while several manufacturers have churned out arcade sticks left and right, the MadCatz brand has become synonymous to overall quality and value, and I’d like to share why the Tournament Edition stick is loved worldwide.


A rough start, but greater recovery!

madcatz-tournament-edition-round-1-xbox-360-review-comparison-with-seAlthough it wasn’t to say that MadCatz hit the nail in the head from the start – when it came out with the Standard Edition stick, there was concern over the durability of the base and the parts, and that the way the internals are set up have caused some units to break.

When the Tournament Edition stick came along, that made a world of difference. In terms of size, the TE stick has a thinner yet wider body compared to the SE, making it easier to prop the stick on the user’s lap (placing the stick on the lap is one of the more common positions when playing with an arcade stick). With regards to the joystick and buttons, MadCatz made an awesome decision to use high-grade Sanwa parts instead of similar ones that were used in the Standard Edition (which most owners swapped out eventually for Sanwa parts).

Now while this did increase the retail price from that of the Standard Edition, it did prove to be the best move –
Sanwa arcade stick parts are not only known for their quality, but also for giving the user that genuine arcade feel. In fact, a vast majority of arcade cabinets in Japan have Sanwa parts built in – so when you’ve got pros like Daigo Umehara, Momochi or Tokido getting the most from their local arcade gaming for so long on these machines (not to mention the hundreds of people to frequent these arcades), then you cannot go wrong at all with these parts.

When I fist used the TE1, I felt right at home! The stick did not feel rigid and I had full control over its movements. The buttons could take significant impact from pressing (or mashing, whichever you prefer), and most of all, it didn’t feel like it was going to break in my hands. Ahh, it felt like the good old arcade!


A design so good, its legacy continues on.

madcatz-tournament-edition-round-1-xbox-360-review-insideMadCatz generated so much success with the Tournament Edition, that they continued to customize and evolve their arcade sticks based on the TE’s blueprint. Over the years, numerous versions of TE’s Round 1 were released to the market (notable ones were the Marvel Vs. Capcom 3, The Soul Calibur V “Seoul” Edition and Street Fighter 4 “Femme Fatale”). The TE Round 2 had a more aesthetically-pleasing look over the first one, sporting a predominantly black body with red trim, and the Major League Gaming Stick came with its MLG logo and colours as well.

The MadCatz TE is also known to be compatible with most brands of arcade stick parts, such as HAPP, Semitsu and of course, Sanwa. This allows owners to switch out sticks, stick tops (ball or bat), buttons and button crowns. There are even provisions within the stick that allow owners to integrate LEDs – so whenever a button is pressed, it lights up.

With the advent of latest generation of gaming consoles (PS4 and XBox One), more design innovations have been added such as a quick snap lid at the side of the stick’s box, making it easier to store additional parts and replace current ones, and a padded bottom to prevent slippage when playing.



The Tournament Edition – the stick for all seasons? Yes!

madcatz-tournament-edition-round-1-xbox-360-review-ebaypriceThere is no doubt that the MadCatz Tournament Edition Round 1 is a great buy. I’ve used it on several occasions,
and I personally have great, fun memories of using this stick. I highly recommend it, whether you buy it for last gen or current gen versions.

But just in case you’re looking for great deals and varied designs of the TE Stick, head over to eBay to see the listings of what they have there.


Do you have any stories or feedback about the MadCatz TE? Let me know in the comments section!

Buy the MadCatz Tournament Edition Round 1 While Supplies Last!


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