Nyko Modular Charge Station for Xbox One Review

Product Name:Nyko Modular Charge Station
Platform:Xbox One (PS4 also available)
Features:Charge two Xbox One Wireless Controllers simultaneously. USB Powered - clean, wireless design plugs directly into USB ports, no wall outlet needed. Modular design saves space and is compatible with other Nyko "Modular" accessories. Comes with 2 custom NiMH rechargeable batteries for easy drop and charge functionality. Each battery pack provides up to 25 hours of play time.
Get a Nyko Modular Charge Station for More Juice In Your Controller!

When I posted an article about charging stations for controllers, the Nyko Modular Charge Station for Xbox One was first product that I had in mind to review. At the time, I didn’t know if it was because of the name and brand recognition/visibility was the main factor, but with further digging there are definitely a couple of things that they did right on this product.



Product Overview

Note: Console and controllers not included


The first noticeable thing about the Nyko Modular Charge Station is the price point. No need to adjust your eyes, folks, the retail value of this product IS LEGIT. I give absolute credit to Nyko for keeping to a very affordable price for their product.

Nyko has carried a very reliable and integral name for the past 10 years as one of the best manufacturers when it comes to third-party gamer accessories. From actual controllers, controller accessories and console memory banks, they’ve got a leg up on the competition for having such a strong background and knowledge in gaming console accessories, which is no question that they are backing up this great price with an even greater product.




Bye bye, battery cells!

nyko-modular-charge-station-for-xbox-one-batterypacksAs with most charging stations, this product replaces the standard batteries that you can buy in the market with its own Xbox One-compatible battery packs. These parts go behind your controller and snap on pretty well – some cases there may be some fidgeting, but for the most part it connects okay (as of this writing, it is only compatible with the original controllers, not the Elite).

A full battery charge from this product lasts to about 25 hours, as per Nyko. I’m personally assuming that there is some standby time involved in that 25 hours, so with hardcore gaming mode, you could probably get around 12 hours worth – still not so bad compared to the 4-8 that you get from d
ry cells, so definitely a good start!



Suction to hold it in place? Yes please!

Some gamers like having all their peripherals in one place so that it is easily accessible, especially when they like having a portable setup. And while most charging stations are generally lightweight, Nyko takes it a step further by adding the ability to connect the base to any surface.

The Modular Charge Station comes with suction cups under its base.

The two suction cups allow the product to be secured on your console’s surface. It’s very nifty for travelling or keeping your gaming products in one place.

No need to worry about the suction cups damaging the surface of your console – the charging station comes with a protective cover. Placing this between your console and the product prevents suction marks or other damage to your console’s shell.



Oh look, a short USB cable!

The Nyko Modular Charge Station has a USB cable built into the dock, which is a nifty connection to the rear USB port of your Xbox One. This is a pretty good feature for a couple of reasons.

For one, the cable is just long enough so that the charging station can reach for a USB port regardless of where within the console’s vicinity you position it. With less cable dangle, you’re assured more space around your playing area and less chances of tripping over loose cables.

The other thing is that with connecting the USB to the console, you are riding on the same power that goes into your gaming system. Not only are you saving on the items plugged into your wall outlets, but like I previously mentioned, you lessen the amount of dangling cables in your playing area.

Now while it is suggested to plug the product directly into the USB, it may be possible to use a USB-to-wall plug adaptor so you can plug it straight to the wall. To be safe, though, consider looking into a transformer with a 5-volt provision for safety.



A sleek display to go with a friendly charge!

nyko-modular-charge-station-for-xbox-one-indicatorMost charging apparatuses use a single-diode light as an indicator of charge status – usually these show up as red charge is still in progress and green if full charge has been attained. For this product, Nyko went for a more stylish effect.

The white-dotted lights on a black display feels like light bars where a row of bulbs act as dots that make a shape, and in this case it makes the shape of the Nyko logo and 2 circles (which sort of resemble a beacon); these appear when controllers are placed on the station, of course. The circles disappear once the controllers have reached full charge.

This definitely adds more detail to the simplistic, minimalist touch that the product offers. It’s far more pleasant an indicator to look at as well!


All in all, you can’t go wrong with this product

When it comes to powering up controllers, I’ve always been a fan with a “built-in”, reusable power source. I’ve grown
pretty tired of running through large packs of batteries that do not really give as much battery life to begin with, but are going to damage the controller and the environment in the long term.

There are definitely still some applications for replaceable battery cells, but maybe not for console controllers.nyko-modular-charge-station-for-xbox-one-buy

With all the options out there, I think that the clean and portable appearance and efficient charging and battery performance you can get with the Nyko Modular Charge Station is one of the best charging docks you can get in the market today. And it definitely helps that a maximum USD 30.00 price point makes it one of the more economical ones as well. This a definite recommend for gamers (yes, there’s a version for the PS4 as well).

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Do you have some thoughts about the Nyko Modular Charge Station? Let me know in the comments section!

Get a Nyko Modular Charge Station for More Juice In Your Controller!

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