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Product Name:SquidGrip Controller Grip
Platform:Xbox 360, PS3, Xbox One, PS4
Features:Superior Grip and Comfort. Wicks away sweat. Just peel and stick to apply. Anti-Microbial and Sweat Free.
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In the similar vein as a previous post about the benefits of using a silicone cover to encase your controller, there was a lot of mention about having a good controller grip. And while some gamers find having a protective skin do the work for them, there are others who prefer having the grip around the handles where it’s needed most. Thankfully there’s something like SquidGrip, which we will talk about today.


Here’s the skinny on controllers

When a controller is manufactured, plenty of ergonomic details are taken into consideration such as game controller grips, face button distance, and even depth of trigger buttons. To be extremely fair, the stock controller that comes in a gaming console more often than not would suit a gamer’s hands as well for the next guy.

Unfortunately, we cannot please everybody, as each person’s hands vary in palm or finger length, fingertip thickness and the like that are unique to them. These nuances make it challenging for gamers to better enjoy their gaming experience. Thankfully, there are accessories that are designed to best suit their needs – in this case, it’s a matter of having a good grips on a gaming controller.


Why we need to get a grip – literally and figuratively

Now you might be thinking – what’s the big deal with having controller grips? What difference does it make? The answer can boil down to the very pore of our gaming experience.. the pores on our hands. When we play games for hourly sessions at times, we can’t help but feel the heat or tension generated from both the gaming experience and maintaining the hold on a controller. The result? Sweaty palms and grime. And while it’s easy to just stop and wipe these off your controller body, the effect on the controller’s hard-plastic housing can cause discomfort or even slippage.


SquidGrip as seen on an Xbox360 controller.

This is where controller grips, like the SquidGrip Controller Grip comes in – this product is used in order to provide a comfortable grasp on your gaming controller. This is accomplished through a combination of the grip’s texture and physical design. In the process, these controller grips place a gamers’ hands in a position that not only adds comfort to how they hold their controller, but also minimizes the amount of oil, sweat or grime that goes onto a game controller.

SquidGrip water test for on a Xbox 360 controller (credits: SquidGrips @ Youtube)


Comfort and performance – The SquidGrip’s Guarantee

The SquidGrip is cut and shaped in a manner that wraps around the controller handles where the palms and fingers lay when holding the controller. The grip itself is made from a foam-like material and with a small bevels to provide a padded surface that is light yet firm. The webbing itself from the bevels provides ample traction for the grip to do its work.


SquidGrip installation guide for a PS3 controller (credits: SquidGrips @ Youtube)

These features combined result in an ideal grip for gamers – it creates a nice firmness when you hold the controller in your hands, yet prevents excessive cramping in your hands thanks to the light padding, while at the same time maintaining a natural feel for your controller. And yes, the moisture-wicking technology that “cups” the sweat and pushes it out, thereby preventing it from staying on the controller’s surface and making it easier to wipe off.


Simple, Effective, Comfortable – suited for Casual and Competitive Gamers alike


SquidGrip as seen on a PS3 controller.

I’m the type of gamer who likes to play at least 2-3 hours a day on average, and when I’m not playing fighting games, I like delving into expansive action RPGs and adventure games which, by nature, tend to keep me on my toes. Because of this, I find myself having this tendency to hold very tightly to my controller.

And when this happens, sweat from my hands start to build up and go onto my controller, making it harder to hold it well (I would find myself wiping my controller handles whenever I could pause), and in the long term makes it easier for dust/grime to stick to my controller.

If this sounds like you, then I would definitely squidgrip-review-game-controller-grips-buyrecommend SquidGrip on your controllers. The installation guide is pretty straightforward because of how the grip cuts match alignments on the controller (like for the Xbox One, you have to line up the round holes on the grips to the lines on the controller sides), although it is extremely important to clean your controller thoroughly using alcohol and a microfiber cloth, as any residue left on the controller could make it difficult for the adhesive backing to do its work.

The SquidGrip comes with the grip, 4 badges that you can stick onto the grip surface (rounded ones on the top surface and the oblong ones on the sides), a sticker and installation/cleaning guide. It’s available on both recent (Xbox 360/PS3) and newer (Xbox One/PS4) generation controllers, and is at a very affordable pricepoint for either generations. I would recommend purchasing SquidGrip from Amazon.com for being the best pricepoint and multiple shipping options, and is a great product to stop sweat from putting a damper on your gaming experience.


Any comments, feedback or suggestions about this review? Or do you know a similar product that is review-worthy as well? Leave a comment below and I will get back to you the soonest!

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