Xbox 360 Controller stickers: wicked designs you could stick to.

Disclaimer: The designs that you are about to see, while meant to be Xbox 360 controller stickers, have applicable versions for other console controllers as per their manufacturer, and as such would not necessarily be limited to just the Xbox 360 controller. In the event that the reader is now using the newer-generation consoles, please be encouraged to explore similar designs from the manufacturers.

In a previous entry, I had shared a couple of ideas for placing custom design to your Xbox 360 controller. And while the reception to doing this in its early days would have merited some reservations, you will be happy to know that in the latter part of its 7 year run, many people have found convenient and non-intrusive ways of making these customizations possible. And now that we are into full swing with the new faces of console gaming (the Xbox One and the PS4), these design possibilities are more accessible and more affordable. No need to scrimp or bash your piggybank!

Here are some really good decals that you can plant onto your controller face:


Way to go, camo

Let’s bring in some heavy artillery off the bat, shall we? For instance, here is a
very cool camouflaged design from MightySkins early on, but it may help to talk about it again as it is a perfect example of the quality that these sticker covers have.

This line of stickers boast of a vinyl material covered with a coating of clear lamination – this prevents scratching, post-application peeling, and design longevity (tree camo for days? yes please!). The air-release feature of the sticker makes it easy to install and remove, not to mention easily get rid of air bubbles if installed perfectly – this is great to have if you’re like me who likes sticking covers on right.

Vendor: MightySkins, via Amazon

Price: $6.99


Shock you with an eclectic feel

You could go for something electrifying – such as this sticker line from
 This decal covers most of the faceplate up til right above the winged pegs on the ends, which is where the palms rest. These stickers come in varying-colored electric currents on a black base, which is covered in a layer of vinyl and a glossy laminate – this allows for the fade resistant inks to pop out and last longer, but also prevents dust and scratches from getting into the design itself.

And while personally the semi-coverage leaves a bit to be desired, I like that the cut of the decal stops where it does – the middle of the palms are what touch the controller’s winged pegs all the time and develop the most sweat – so strategically this also improves the longevity of the sticker.

Vendor: WraptorSkinz, via Amazon

Price: $6.95


Leather + Skulls = Awesome? Truly!

At first I found the combination of bluish-glowing skulls on a leather textured finish a bit much to comprehend – but then upon looking further, I realized how this became a pleasant combination of form and function all in one!

This design comes from the TQS line, which has a far more generous coverage to the faceplate, leaving a bit of the rounded edges. This may stand out a bit more on the white controller compared to the black, but still takes sweaty palms into consideration for the most part. Aside from the usual decal’s standard features (easy to install/remove, no scratches, UV resistance to prevent fading), perhaps the most interesting part of the textured finish is that it provides a non-slip grip for the player. Very nifty!

Vendor: TQS, via Amazon

Price: $6.96


Show some team spirit!

Now some gamers are sports fans (and vice versa, essentially), and while you
might not be a fan of the New England Patriots, it’s always cool to see team colors on your controller faceplate. And now, you can have that, thanks to this series of decal covers from Skinit. And when I say series, this a large one!

Aside from the form fit, vinyl finish and easy-apply features of this product, the greatest draw to this line is the large variety of team colors- so whether you want to represent your favorite NHL/NBA/NFL team, or choose to flaunt your pride in your alma mater, these decal covers are place to go.. On that note, I wonder if my school’s in the list?

Vendor: Skinit, via Amazon

Price: $14.99


Installation reminders!

Now that you’ve made your choice, there are a couple of things to note. First, make sure that you clean your controller first with rubbing alcohol or surface cleaner, then wipe off with a lint-free cloth. Doing so will remove any moisture or oil residue on the controller face – these substances are what cause the decal to come off, and not necessarily because of the adhesive layer on the stickers were faulty.

Second, make sure not to overly stretch the sticker in order to pass the clearance of buttons and analog sticks – doing so will not only compromise the diameter for each hole, but also runs the risk of tear coming from the holes.

Finally, make sure to check the decal when it arrives at your doorstep – varying temperatures can cause changes to the adhesive layer of the sticker. If at any point that you notice your decal does not have the desired stick during installation, be sure to get in touch with the manufacturer. Happy sticking!


Have you seen a design that you like and want me to share about? Feel free to drop a line in the comments section!


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